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I just saw image of a certain creature today which wasn't pleasing and people concluded its probably an alien because it somehow resembles a crocodile but has got human like face. Do you think aliens exist?
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Yes I do. We are not alone in the universe. You can sees the proof on the Internet. There carvings and paintings are found about aliens. 

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I haven't seen alien myself and if ever I see one, for sure it will really be traumatic to me. I do believe of the existence of aliens because there are lots of alien experience detail already and you can found most of them in Youtube. I, myself cannot explain what sightings I am watching. I have a strong feeling that it is an alien encounter. Some of the videos doesn't look like edited. It really looks real. Or if there are country that could able to do different ways to fly on air, I wouldn't mind knowing it but I know there are aliens that are observing Earth and exploring Earth already. I do not see if someone capture a picture of an alien stroling Earth but those detailed videos are all about alien spacecraft or what we call Spaceshift.
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I like to think that aliens exist. I don't have proof but it almost seems like a conceivable idea. Like there are many suggestions ranging from recorded stories to video clips of activities seeming to be extraterrestrial.

Although there's no concrete evidence to support that aliens exist. Research has shown only earth posses life forms. However, we cannot say that that is the peak of research and findings. There are people who believe that government especially that of the US have indeed come in contact with aliens and are exchanging intelligence. Still, we don't have any proof about that.

There are definitely many unexplainable happenings and even some religious context have insinuated the existence of other planets with life somewhat in a vague manner.
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I don't just think, I personally believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings or aliens as they are usually called.

The thought of aliens existing might seem far fetched during the middle ages, but with the overwhelming amount of knowledge we now have through modern science, I see no reason why we should doubt their existence. There's more than enough evidence around and above us to make the thought conceivable.

Milky Way which happens to be our galaxy, houses at least 100billion stars with trillions of planets in them. This is just as far as our technology can tell us for now, meaning the numbers might even be greater. Giving this fact, it's not un-logical or misleading to say or believe that Earth is the only planet with life form. The universe by the way has an endless number of galaxies with some 10x bigger than ours. It's way too large to think only humans are the intelligent life forms present in the entire universe.

If the argument goes further, some might point to the fact that only an Earth like planet can be inhabitable, making references to known planets like mars, Jupiter, etc, which are not life friendly because they lack atmospheric composition. What if it's just human psychology and we are probably wrong. The human brain and mind has been nurtured or programed to work with our natural phenomenons. Anything outside of that, makes no sense to us. That is the major reason why no one wants to subscribe to the idea of a different type of beings with the ability to survive outside our known natural habitat, the things that keeps us alive like oxygen for instance. It's possible that aliens in different planets have their own type of life sustaining atmospheres, which might not be favorable for humans if we were to live there.

By the way, NASA through it's Kepler space telescope launched in 2009 has discovered more than 2000 alien planets with a handful of them being Earth like. They are called the Kepler series. There's a high probability that these Kepler planets are life friendly and even possibly inhabited due to their size and rocky nature, which are some of the basic potentials for life friendly planets. NASA is already in the process of advancing the space telescope to a much higher degree in an attempt to have a better look at these planets, with a possible view of their inside. I can't wait to see what discoveries will be made.

Asides all said above, the internet is swamped with so many information suggesting the existence and presence of extraterrestrial intelligence around us. The most compelling ones are videos with some showing frequent alien visits to our planet. I've seen so many of them. Though some look like a made up film, it's hard to believe that they are all fake...especially the unedited clips.
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I find it hard to believe in anything I have never seen but I have an open mind. It does seem strange that we are the only intelligent life in the universe so perhaps there could be some other form of life which looks totally different to us and who could be more advanced than we are.

I don't always believe everything I read on the internet though because some people are very clever when it comes to being able to photo shop and can put up extremely realistic images. Only an expert would be able to tell if they were real or not. Having said that there have been some strange occurrences over time, events which cannot be explained like crop circles which we experience here in the UK, strange and intricate designs which appear in fields overnight with no explanation. If you are interested you can google the subject 'crop circles in the UK'  and see the designs that appear.
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To date, there are no solid evidences that would clearly point out that aliens do exist. However, I like to believe that there are other beings outside this planet because wouldn't it be an amazing thing. As how they were portrayed, people often view aliens are harmful beings that may pose danger to our species, but that too, remains uncertain.
This phenomenon may just be like any other phenomenon that we didn't seem to believe back in the ancient times. But with the current rate of advances in technology, I do believe that the human minds would be able to develop solutions on how we can explore this possibility. Although, I may no longer be here when that information becomes available; still, I think they are just there waiting for us to come to them.

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