There are times that I still need to work even when i am sick and I wonder if someone do the same? Why are you still working even if you are sick?
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It depends on how sick i am. If I am very sick, I won't even dare to work online but if its a minor sickness, I'll definitely have to struggle and work even if its 30 minutes in all sites. What motivates me is the little cents that I earn daily because each end month I would love to purchase something new. By this far, I am really addicted to online earning so I can't go a whole day without perusing through the sites to know the latest news regarding earning sites.
Have been sick like once since I started working online and I really thank God for keeping me in good health all this time. I usually have my daily earning target and must accomplish it daily otherwise I'll feel like I lost something. But then, health is very important and should always e given first priority.
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I asked this question because yesterday I am very sick and even to this day, I have flu but Still I would want to increase my goal in earning in here. Maybe I will not work when I am in the hospital already.
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For me I used to see sickness as the body way of alerting me to rest,I hardly rest because of the different things I do daily and I hardly fall sick ,so when I do I believe it best for me to slow and maybe take a rest and most times it works.I don't bother with drugs I drink alot of fluids and rest.

But generally, I don't think it advisable to still work when one is sick I think it will putting more pressure on the already fragile body, the job wouldn't run away if we don't it for some days or even a are one thing that will never end so why kill oneself over it than sorting oneself out when sick.

The best bet is getting treated if need be,health is wealth.So it better to be in good health and working then will be enjoyable and done with vigor.
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You will not surely get well if you force your body to work when it tells you to rest. Me, i drink water and as much as possible, i eat a lot when I am sick. I have full rest but still trying to work online and try if I can really work online.
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When I worked in an offline job I was a chef in an old people's home and they did not like us to go in when we were ill, especially with a stomach disorder, because if we infected an old person they were far more vulnerable than the rest of us and it could even kill them. Viruses and bacterial infections can be passed on easily through food.

I am retired now and if I feel ill I will only do as much work as I am able so if I was too ill to post it wouldn't worry me, I would just  wait until I was well again. That's the beauty of being able to please yourself, you can just do as much or as little as you want to. Since I have been active online the only time I take time off is when I am on holiday. I can usually manage to do a little if I have a cold but if I had an illness that confined me to bed I would probably just rest,
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And I think, getting sick means you are over work and your body is telling you, you had worked hard already, you need some rest. It is not really advisable to force yourself, though sometimes I am really hard headed.
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This depends on how sick I am. No matter how urgent my pending works are, if I do not have the energy and can no longer move my body then I will not do it. However, if my sickness is manageable and the work that I need to do won't require me to do tedious activities, then I might as well do it. I do not want to have my co-workers do the work that I am supposed to do--much as I do not want to be a burden to anybody on any occasions. Moreover, it would also be quite a hassle if these pending works would pile up.

On the other hand, there are also works that I need to accomplish on a certain timeframe; hence, in this case, postponing them is not an option. If this will be the case, then I would really need to ask a favor from my co-worker, which I would very much like to return after my full recovery.
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Yes, you are right and how can you concentrate of focus on the work you are doing if you feel hurt and there are pains inside. Speedy recovery is needed, or maybe depends on the type of work you are doing if you can or can't do it when you are sick.
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Honestly, I usually prefer to rest when I am not feeling too well. I believe it's a time for me to allow my body to recharge itself for onward efficient functioning. I don't really see the need of overstressing myself when the signs are there for me take a break from working. For me, I can only function well when I am in a sound state of mind. Even the machines we use sometimes need rest, that's they usually break down when they have been overused.

I have the awareness that it's when I am healthy that's when I can make wealth. I believe that's why the wise say goes as "health is wealth".
It's logical that we should have enough rest when we are sick. It's not worth it trying to put oneself under further pressure by still engaging in any physical labour, because even those things we are striving to achieve would not be taken with us if unfortunately we passed away.
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that is correct, health is wealth. We may not have the riches but when we are healthy we can do everything and we can surpass everything, so we need to get heal and rest
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