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I am able to get the proper meaning of roro system in logistics management and how it works.

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Hello! I have an MBA in foreign trade and logistics, hope the explanation below helps!

There are different types of freight transport, but today in Stock Logistic we are going to talk about the transport of any cargo (Ro-Ro).

Ro-Ro, the acronym of the term in English Roll On-Roll off serves to refer to any type of ship, boat that carries rolled cargo, whether cars, trucks or industrial vehicles, among others.

How does Ro-Ro work?

This maritime transport system benefits from ramps, both present on the ship and fixed on land, to make the loading and unloading of transported vehicles practical and safe.

Rolled cargo accesses the ship through the gates housed in the stern or stern and bow to facilitate access and rapid loading and unloading.

Within the Ro-Ro ships it is necessary to differentiate the carcarriers, which are distinguished by their square shape and because they only transport cars. In contrast, traditional Ro-Ro can transport trailers and industrial vehicles as well.

In addition, there are ships capable of transporting both cargo and people. When these exceed twelve passengers, it is described using the acronym Ro-PAX, which we all know as a ferry.


The Ro-Ro (Roll On-Roll Off) allows a wider range of action for trucks and trailers, so that land transport operators can extend their range of action. You can load a fully loaded truck that will continue your route once you reach the port of destination.

Perfect logistic service to streamline operations, minimizing breakdowns due to stowage and unloading, which is a fast and safe service. Intermediate steps in the loading and unloading are eliminated and the use of equipment such as gantry cranes or reachsteackers is avoided.

The Ro-Ro gives us the possibility of greater volume loading with the same means. You can make the most of the space available inside the ship.

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