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Due to the prevalence of these two mobile gadgets actually got me thinking. Among them which one is the best in terms of features. And which one would you advise me to go for?

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I have used both and so far I can highly recommend tecno although my current phone is infix. First,the good thing with infinix is that they have very good cameras unlike most of tecno cameras. The major problem I realised with infinix is that most of their internal storage isn't always matching with what is indicated in the details.Lately a colleague of mine bought infinix note 2 which indicated that its got 16gb ram while in real sense it had 5gb internal storage. This case rarely happens with tecno phones.
Also, the fact that, most of them have an inbuilt battery  makes most people hate them. At times due to some carelessness a phone might fall into water and removing the battery immediately can save the phone. Only a small percentage of tecno have adopted to inbuilt battery.
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Thanks for enlightening me more about these two phones. I have heard so much about the cheat in  infinix phone batteries, but I have not experienced it first hand, maybe because I have not used their products before. As for tecno, I learnt that they are now making inbuilt batteries too unlike before.
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These are like the two very popular brands of phone now and it could be pretty difficult to even say one is better than the other but personally I like tecno phones because of its durability. I have been using my second phone a y3 series phone which is a tecno phone for a very long time,it looking old but the phone is still very strong and giving me what I want. Infinix phones are cheaper than tecno phones but techno phones are stronger.

Tecno phones that I have used have good battery life and one can experience this by using a good charger to charge the phone or better still use only it original charger, it will go a long way to sustain the battery life.I think Tecno phones are really good phones with good hardware's and should be recommended.

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