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Actually, I want some tips which will help me to choose the best mattress for my bed because I have back pain problems.

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After doing a lot of work in the day, everyone wants the best quality of sleep. If you want the best quality of sleep then bed plays an important role. While you talking about the best mattresses then these points must keep in your mind:-
1. Mattress life.
2. Mattress type.
3. Sleeping position.
4. Body weight.
5. Budget.
Whenever you choose the mattress after keeping this points in your mind, you always choose the best and comfortable mattress for you.
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Most people prefer to see their bedroom in a classic style, but not all rooms are suitable for traditional design, requiring a certain area. Therefore, if a bedroom is not very spacious, the best design solution - ergonomics, implying, first of all, the use of technical achievements, multi-functional and comfortable furniture. You can read about it on  

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For you to choose the best matress for your bed you need to consider various factors. This factors include; your budget, your bed size, the quality you want, your favourite colour, your weight maight also be a factor to consider. So it depends with you. I may refer a matress trype to you but at the end of the day you'll make the final decision. This is so because your colours ain't my colours and so on. My advice to you you is that find your bed size, the quality of matress you want, your preferred matress colour and walk to a nearby Matress whole sale shop and place your order.
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I strongly believe that your quest for the best mattress is not limited by the amount of money you have in pocket but going all out to make sure there's reward for your money. If my assumption aligns with your expectations for your choice of mattress you want to buy, then my advise is apt for your situation.
To begin with, go online and make a painstaking research about the most cushioning and comforting bed mattress out there in the market that would help your back pain condition. Afterwards, you can then set out to the designated points where you can get it. But before doing so, please don't be deceived by how colourful the mattress is but rather be on a look out for the texture quality of it, and ensure it meets your taste. Another thing is don't be put off by the prize tag to the mattress. Oftentimes quality is determined by the prize tag of that thing you want to buy.
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Today there are so many different types of mattresses on the market that it makes it a lot easier to chose one that will fit your needs. You'll also need to consider the warranty of the mattress, the firmness, and if this is recommended for people who suffer from back pains. The mattress is important and so is the box springs the mattress sites on. You should make sure that you test out the bed and before you buy one go online and do some research. See what other people are saying about this bed and see if they would recommend this bed to others or if they were disappointed that the bed did not live up to their expectations. 

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