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I read somewhere some time ago that the use of air freshener is not healthful for us. This got me curious. What could be the dangers this product pose to our health that most users out there are aware of?

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I think it is more harmful to people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems and some are more harmful than others depending on the formulation of the air freshener. Obviously they should be kept away from young children who could swallow the evaporation beads which could cause poisoning but the small quantities we use in the home are not usually hazardous.

When it comes to car air fresheners where they are enclosed in a small space I think it can be more hazardous. Some people have reported having headaches and a feeling of dizziness from the type that hang off mirrors. I use these and although I have not experienced these symptoms, when they are new they are so strong I do find I can taste them. It's never harmed me but it makes me wonder if it could have a negative effect on people who suffer from respiratory problems.
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Air freshener are substances made from essential oils from natural plants blended with catalyst and solvents so ordinarily they are not harmful to our health.  They can only be harzadous to our health when you use then unnecessarily.
A person who has a car uses two different air fresheners of different fragrance, Air tight his car will driven will definitely have breathing problems because of the concentration and lack ventilation with the car system but if  he uses one air freshener and allow cross ventilation his car will smell nice and be conducive for driving.
The harmful effects of this freshener is mostly facilitated by the users that breach the instructions.  Possibilities of headache is as a result of the heat the freshener generate when it is concentrated.
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To my own understanding, the use of room or air freshner indoor and even inside our car is not harmful at all.  The essence for producing such things is to help neutralize a lot of micro organisms in the air which are harmful to the health. It is however imperative to note that, the air freshner is not suppose to be used under certain conditions like closing everywhere in the room with air coming and going out if the room. Also it is not suppose to be used in the car while the entire widow glasses is wind up without a.c. also by health exception, it is not suppose to be used oftenly by an asthmatic patient and other person with the health related to asthma.

Once the rules are adhered to, I trust to enjoy the fresh atmosphere wwith the room freshner and car freshner.

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