Have you ever tried some detox drinks to lose weight? I would like to try some of them for me soon, maybe you can recommend me some recipes
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I do not over eat. Naturally, my weight never increases and remains constant. So there is no need for me to try any drinks. 
Well, actually, I'd prefer going the old-fashioned way which is exercising and cutting carbs etc.... But, I've heard a lot about effective and natural detox drinks recently, three of the best, in my opinion, are:

1- Red Tea Detox

2- Organifi Green Juice

3- Apple cider vinegar 

If you're the kind of person who likes to do it manually, then you can try some DIY recipes which would also be very effective.

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I have drunk green tea for approximately five months, 20 minutes after each meal, and that has helped me to speed up my metabolism. Of course, I also exercise.

You can drink it maximum three times a day, for 15 days, and then leave it another 15 days, you will see the results in about a month.

Actually, I have not drunk other drinks, I have not tried, but I felt very happy with green tea. I invite you to look for more in google.
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I've tried detox water first thing in the morning. I used a slice of lemon and three slices of cucumber in a glass of water. I took it three times in a week. I didn't notice a significant decrease in weight but I felt lighter. I used the rest room more often those days and my urine was less concentrated than it used to be. 
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I am a firm believer in Apple Cider Vinegar and took it by adding two tablespoons to warm water to detox on the advice of a friend who said it had worked for her, The truth is I'm not sure if it did although I did lose a few pounds. I was also being careful with watching what I ate at the time so it may have been more to do with that.

ACV is said to decrease the appetite a little although I don't remember if that was the case. Some studies have concluded that if you take it before a starchy meal it can stop your craving for sweet snacks. It's not a magic solution for weight loss but it could help you lose a few pounds.
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I have been taking green tea for ages now and it like a detox drink because it really helps in weight loss and also helps in detoxifying the system.

Green tea can be taken at any time of the day,sometimes I don't take at a go especially if I will be at home the whole day,I just have it in my big jug and be sipping it in bits from it,so as to have it the whole time.

Another good weight loss drink I have tried out is the moringa  drink,it quite medicinal and can help one lose weight and also detox the system. You can either buy the prepacked ones from the stores or get the raw ones from the garden, quench out the water add a little bit of Ginger powder ,sip it or drink it at a go.
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Just about any of three major three tea groups are going to be beneficial in helping you to lose weight. Most people recommend drinking green tea, but if you prefer you can drink black tea or white tea as well. While green tea is touted as the one that is going to help you lose the most weight, the fact is that white tea actually has the highest concentration of beneficial compound. Conversely, black tea has the least.

If you're not a fan of green tea you should also try drinking Ginger tea and Turmeric tea, you can buy them separately then mix them when boiling. But the best is to boil slice of a fresh ginger and turmeric and let it boil for around two minutes. It has a lot of health benefits, it has anti cancer properties too and also a good weight-loss supplement.

Those the one's Id stick to.  I wouldn't necessarily trust any other slimming, herbal teas as there is just about no science backing their claims for weight loss or enhanced metabolism.
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Ginger tea is not only good for antioxidant and for detoxification. it is also good for you to have a good voice. I drink it before I do vocalization. I have been doing this since I was in school.
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Yes. I tried putting lemon on my water in my jug and tumblr and I drink it every hour. I make sure I make the size of the water in the bottle to be half and I will pour another water to get in full and I am doing it for whole day. It is important as lemon can detoxify our body and we need lots of water intake more that our body needs. It does not depend on 6-10 glasses, but more of that and we need to do it regularly. I lose weight but in minimal like I lost 3 kgs for 3 months doing it. It even clears out my skin because I have lots of breakouts due to stress and sleeping late at night. It act as anti oxidant though I am not sure if that is really what it does. I think it does its purpose to detoxify and clean my body and that's it. It lose some weight because it clears out some toxins in the body, I guess.
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No I do take detox drinks for detoxification purposes not losing weight. My weight does not flactuate that much and am okay with it. 
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