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Some people believe in reincarnation and others don't but if you knew that it was entirely possible would you want to come back and live another earthly life?

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Definitely I will like to come back and do it once more as this is one of the ways that can correct some wrongs that I have done in the past. However, I don't think I am okay to be born in this locality. 
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If it did happen i would probably want to come back and relive my life again but only live it in a different capacity. I wouldn't want to live the same way that i did while i was alive.
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Yes, of course and correct every decision that I have made but won't change the fact that I have children.

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I somewhat believe in reincarnation but I'm not sure I would love to be reincarnated. Not especially if I'm going to live the same life all over again. This makes me think, if it is a different life entirely with only glimpses and flashes of memories as I've seen in people's stories, does it mean it's the same person with a different body? Is the reincarnated life independent of the past life? However the case, I'm sure there's a connection.
This is no myth in Africa where I come from. There are stories of reincarnation within the same lineage over generations. They go as far as naming the new borns after the ones that passed. You'll also notice striking similarities in character and traits. Perhaps this might have a lot to do with genes.

It would be thrilling to come back and see what life looks like after my generation or what the ones I love are up to once I'm gone but then it seems so strange.
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I think I would worry that I might be born into a horrible life, someone completely different. Imagine being born into a war zone or to parents who abused their children. I think I would want to come back as me and be able to improve the person I am.
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That sounds more like it. It would be better if you can come back and be a better person. However, I think of the possibility of doing things differently. That would mean knowledge of the fact that you are actually a reincarnated soul living life again. If not, it may just be another Deja Vu. 
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This is a really simple but hard question unless I cannot  achieve my goals and there are really burning desires I might like to be back to fulfil them as least with the promise that I will be helped or given the opportunity to have them all if not trying another planet will be a lot better for me.Maybe I would love to try either Jupiter or Venus Lol.

I think for now I'm just good this way, life hasn't been bad,though not wealthy but I'm very comfortable and I have the backing of my family all the way so I might not really want a return especially to come back and do the same thing this will be running in circles endlessly, if there will be nothing spectacular to be done or achieved then sliding to oblivion will be a lot better I won't need to return.
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I think I would want to have another life if my life on earth has been ended. If I would live a life again, I would want to be a man and experience being a man. If there is a thing called reincarnation, I wish I could remember my past life and I hope I could correct all the mistakes I have done from the past, like, i would be saving lots of money, i will be working hard as a student, I will pursue the course in college that I really want to pursue. I guess I will be living a life not the same as my first life. so I will be joining different family, different house or maybe I am on different nationalities as well. I would want to enjoy life free of worrying about my money because that is what i really wish my life was. I will still choose to live a simple life but happy.
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Most people have always wished to live as long as forever because of different purposes like fulfilling one's dreams and get to see their next generations. If it were possible, I would love to have my life back because life is so sweet. On the other hand, there are those kind of people who are literally tired with life and are always wishing God could just take it away from them. Those kind of people will never wish reincarnation was possible.

Although its very impossible, no one knows what will happen in the near future. Although we're given hopes that after the end of the world we will be reformed to new beings and continue with life on earth, am not sure whether it will be possible but because of faith we will have to believe in it. If reincarnation was possible, by now earth would be fully packed.
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I don't believe everyone comes back but maybe if a life has been cut short through accident or illness it's possible to be reborn again to continue that life.
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To be honest, I am only aware that reincarnation means being reborn. Other than that, I am not aware of concept or ideas behind it. If I am to be reborn, will I remember the details of my past life? Will I still be the same person, but living in a different body? How long will it take for me to be reborn?

If reincarnation will occur at a time when all the people I knew in this lifetime have long been gone, then that only means that I will be living a different life. If that is the case, then I would love to come back and live another life. I'd like to see how life is going after few hundred years. Have we been progressive? Do people look at the environment differently? Perhaps, the technology has also been so advanced by then that we are capable of traveling to space and that other planets are already inhabitable. Just the thought of it excites me.

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I read a true story about a little boy who remembered his past life. He could remember it in detail and even the way he had died (He had died as a child some years before). In the end his now parents took him to the place he described and it was just as he said down to the garden gate. They researched into the background of the family who lived there and it would seem that most of it was accurate apart from the dog he said they owned which they could not find any evidence of. 

He used to cry for his mum and brothers and sisters and talk about his previous home all the time even at school. I found it interesting that both times he lived in Scotland but not in the same town.  As he grew older he forgot about it and is now like any other boy. I wish we could copy and paste here so that I could show you the article but it was called "The Boy who Lived Before". You could probably find it.
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I read the story awhile ago but I'm still a little skeptic about it, especially since kids at that age normally have active imagination. I'm not saying that the kid is lying, though. I didn't know if I missed it somewhere but did they go through the birth and death records of a child named Cameron?
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The detail he remembered about his previous life was very intricate for a young child and the reports began as soon as he could speak. He claimed to have lived in a place called Barra where planes landed on the beach. When his parents explained that planes landed on runways he was adamant that these didn't and on checking it is the only place where planes actually do land on the beach.  He could also describe the house, how many toilets it had, rock pools he played in. He claims his father was Shayne Robertson who was killed by a car and although there was a Robertson family who lived in the area I don't know if any research was done into their deaths as it doesn't say.
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Whoah. He knows how many toilets it had? Now that's something! May I ask your personal belief on this story? Do you think Cameron really remembered his past life?
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Well I have this theory that perhaps those whose lives have been cut short through accidents or illness come back although I don't believe everyone does. It's impossible to say .. but could a child who is able to recount a previous life as soon as he can speak, a child with very limited knowledge of the world around him, be able to describe a whole different life in so much detail?
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I do agree with your point on that. And for a child to be troubled by these stories for quite sometime, there must really be something behind it. That was an interesting theory. I really hope people who've lived a short life (but only those who have been good) will get to have another chance. I sometimes wonder, why do they have to be the first ones to go when there are a lot of people who do not even care about their lives or the lives of other people around them.

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The saying 'only the good die young' does seem to have some truth in it. I know someone who is a heroin addict and a rather unpleasant person who steals and lies and generally makes people's lives miserable. He has overdosed and stopped breathing twice but has been revived by paramedics  .. yet an innocent child is sometimes taken too soon.
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There is something really dystopian about that. But I guess we'll never get all the answers in this lifetime.
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If reincarnation is possible, yes, I want to come back. I will try my very best to the best I can, not to commit sin again. Having guilt living on this world is like living in a shell. Afraid to show potentials because of the fear that I might be judge by others. Acceptance of things  I cannot change is possible but very hard to overcome. If given a chance to start my life again through reincarnation, I will endure all pains, wait for time as God's promise and increase my patience. I won't mind what those discriminating  people say as long as I didn't harm them. As I am always reflected, as I am struggling to overcome guilt, I also imagining how's my life If I didn't commit mistake or sin. Maybe I am also judgemental because I am perfect.

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