Some people believe in reincarnation and others don't but if you knew that it was entirely possible would you want to come back and live another earthly life?

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Definitely I will like to come back and do it once more as this is one of the ways that can correct some wrongs that I have done in the past. However, I don't think I am okay to be born in this locality. 
If it did happen i would probably want to come back and relive my life again but only live it in a different capacity. I wouldn't want to live the same way that i did while i was alive.
Yes, of course and correct every decision that I have made but won't change the fact that I have children.

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Of course I do want to live again and correct my mistakes done. I had so many realizations as I grow up and come to think about my past years living. I should've done thing that benefit me now and I should've done better than where I am today
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certainly i would like to jump at the chance to return and do it again as this is one of the manners in which that can address a few wrongs that i have done before.
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