Drive More Relevant Traffic To Your Blog Through Answeree Q&A

People usually practice several SEO methods to get more traffic even if they don’t know what is the effect of the actions made on their website or blog. But here I am introducing you a new way to drive relevant traffic to your blog/website or users searching for a content relevant to your niche to your pages. You can do this very easily by simply adding an Ask Box widget from the Q&A website

Answeree is a Question Answer Website where you can Ask anything to the community, Answer the questions asked by other people or you can earn rewards along with reputation points.

Answeree has many topics to categorize questions. So a category that matches to your niche will be a relevant page to your site. So we are talking here how to get more targeted users to your site by making a discussion about your website on


Let me explain How it works

Here are the simple steps to follow

  1. Add an Answeree Ask Box widget below by copying the code to your website.
  2. Make a subcategory on under any main category that best chooses to your blog topic. Subcategory should best match your domain name or your keyword. Then follow your own category we made for you.
  3. Just tell your website users/blog visitors about the category you made for your blog/website on Add your custom-made category id to the below Ask widget code and paste it to the widget section of your blog or website. It’s a nofollow link as default and you can decide whether to follow or not. Ask Box widget can do wonders for your blogging experience. You can draw relevant and targeted organic traffic to your blog from answeree. Category description will be mentioning your website/blog details here on Answeree. So exiting visitors are not going anywhere other than answeree or your blog. More engagement than approximately 3 minutes will make them stick around according to SEO strategy experts.

If you have kept an Ask box on your website then rest is our job. People will have questions there on under the category (usually your domain name keyword) you made and we will notify you whenever a post is made. So you can answer their questions or engage with the whole users on to attract more visitors. A new way to build natural link.

See example here on this site

Copy this below code to your website/blog to add an Ask Box like seen above.

<link href=”” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”></link> <br /> <form action=” input your category  id here” id=”askbox” method=”POST” rel=”nofollow”> <input id=”ask” name=”title” onfocus=”this.placeholder=”” placeholder=”Ask a question?” type=”text” /> <input id=”submit” type=”submit” value=”Ask” /></form>

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