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How can I do it? I would like to get some app which will allow me to download some videos from Youtube and other websites
asked in Computers+Laptops by Level 2 (420 points)
Hi there! I would recommend you to check out the application from With its help, you will be able to download any video or music track from YouTube to your computer and use it for whatever reason you need. I personally prefer such tools to some onile solutions as they are much more elaborated and reliable. I think you will find it helpful to you too ;)
Yes, you can download YouTube videos on your PC. There are are so many free websites available to download videos such,, and more

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Yes, it's possible. You can easily download Youtube videos to your PC. There are lots of software and websites that are available in the market through which you can download videos from any applications or website.
As I also download videos from Youtube and Pornhub website from It provides an excellent platform from where you can download videos from Youtube and other websites within a minute.
answered by Level 1 (140 points)