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I would like to get your opinion on some speed tests which you like and can recommend me
asked in Computers+Laptops by Level 1 (380 points)
Hi there! I personally recommend you to use speedtest or the test tool from I think it is one of the best ones you can use for free these days. You will surely like using it too, good luck ;)

2 Answers

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Use the site to know the accurate internet connection speed. It will show you the ping rate, download speed and upload speeds. You can also check for speeds from various servers. It is one of the popular internet speed testing site.
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Well there are many tools by which you can determine the speed of your internet like or, i also use to check my internet speed when i was using the old internet service because it used to be very slow but now regularly i check my internet speed and it's working fine with me. If you are facing any problems with the speed of your internet than you should look here you might get some idea
answered by Level 1 (220 points)

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