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We all have different aspirations in life when it comes to choosing a profession. So, what matters most is what you wish to become in the future. 
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I agree,it doesn't matter what is best but what you want to become in the future.
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Very true. Where heart lies is the best option otherwise you might regret for the rest of your life.

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The best course will always involve you having the passion and interest to excel. While we were in the secondary school, we were always told that those that are doing science courses are the best while the rest are always pushed to do art subjects. Believe me, that time, I always see those offering science courses such as medicine and surgery, nursing and the rest as gods while we that are into art subjects as dummies.

That idea changed when I entered the University and realized that there is need for us to push forward in making the right choices that fit us and not necessarily finding a supposed best course to read. There are some mass communication graduates that are doing well in their field of study than doctors and this is same for other courses. So, it is all about what you have interest and passion to achieve.
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It really depends on your expertise. For example, what kind of subject you have in high school that you think you really love and passionate about? What kind of subject in high school that you have higher grades and the difficulty of learning is below average? What do you really want to be your job when you graduate in college? Those are the questions you need to answer for an assessment. Me, I enjoyed lab experiments so I took up Chemistry. I thought it will be the bes course for me but I made a mistake. It was hard. As the time goes on, it makes it difficult than having enjoyment so I guess I took up the wrong course. I really want to take up Psychology and I really wish I am taking up that kind of course up until now. I just wished I just took up that course.
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As for me, there is no particular course that's best to take in college. It all depends on the subjects you are good at while you were still in high school. You wouldn't want a situation whereby you are going for a particular course because it's seen as best, yet knowing that you are not having a sound foundation to excel in it.

Let's take for example, you consider an engineering course to be the best, and unfortunately, you're not good in calculative subjects. Now, you see it won't serve your initial perception of considering engineering course as the best.
In summary, best course for me would be that course I am passionate about and also have indepth knowledge on, so that if I take it as my course of discipline, I would come out with flying colours that would enable me to secure a well paid job.
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Choosing the best course is an individual thing because what A might see as a best course might be view as no course or an irrelevant course for  another. We have got our own likes and dislikes for courses so we just have to choose which is best for us.

But the thing is there are good courses that we can choose from like in my country course like medical sciences, social sciences, adminstrative courses, technical courses, digital courses, Engineering courses, law, accounting , threatre arts courses etc are among courses one can choose from and is sure of making good of it after graduation. So as a newbie trying to get into the college one just have to look at the area one is passionate about and go study that. Whichever is best for one should be studied.
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Ever since childhood, I have always seen myself as a lawyer and even with the way I engaged in arguments back in those days, my friends and family especially my mother would always call me her small lawyer because I derive so much joy in arguments and logic.
As I was growing up into teenage years, I still saw myself devoted to things that have to do with law and logic, so I took the decision that becoming a lawyer is my natural calling and ever since I have worked up my way into achieving that goal of becoming a legal practitioner.

I have actually had my setbacks in achieving my goal of becoming a lawyer but I have never given it up because I'm absolutely convinced that sooner or later, I'm definitely going to be a lawyer no matter what holds me back.

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