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Earn Bonus Rewards While Posting Answers On Answeree Q&A

Now you can earn rewards on Answeree. If you are having an above average knowledge on any topic then this platform will be a rejoice for you to be a member on this website. Along with the 'ask answer read' slogan, we are bringing here an opportunity to earn some rewards while sharing your knowledge by answering the questions here on Answeree. This reward program is actually intended for students doing higher studies but not limited to students. Anyone one can join as long as they are eligible for this reward program.

Here are the simple steps to earn through posting on
  •  Register on 
  •  Post accurate and helpful answers to questions. Let people thank you. 
  •  Start earning on answers.
  •  Request for payments when your account reaches the minimum payout. 
  • ONE ANSWER = 10 points
  • PER COMMENT = 2 points
  • 10 POINTS = 1 CENT
  • SURPRISE POINTS UPTO 500 >> for top performing posts in SERPs
Writing Rules For Answeree Reward Program
  1. The text should not contain grammatical and punctuation errors. Duplicate content is prohibited.
  2. Copy Paste is prohibited (In the case a question /answer is copied from another source, the payment will be denied). 
  3. Spam or Affiliate Links in questions and answers are prohibited in reward program (if links to any irrelevant topics are posted, then the payment for those members will be rejected). 
  4. Do not post inciting social, racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, as well as any other hatred and enmity. 
  5. Do not post advertisements in answers.
  6. All your answers must be relevant to the question.
  7. Your answers should be precise. Don't make suggestions as an answer.
  8. Don't write an answer unless you have a different answer than the recent answer.
  9. If you are into any suggestion or discussion then make comments instead of an answer.
  10. Don't include unwanted greetings, blank spaces or useless words such as 'hope this helps' on every answer to meet the minimum character count.
In case of violation of the writing rules, penalties will be applied to payout amount @ 10% to 90% of the total payment amount.

Who is eligible to join Answeree Rewards?
Anyone those who are writing answers with respect to the above writing rules are eligible to join Answeree Rewards. However, there is a checkpoint after 50 answers made by a member.
IMPORTANT RULE: Don't make repeated answers. If you find a question has an answer then you should not write the same answer in order to make answer count. Editors will check this periodically.
PAYMENT RULES:  Payment can be requested once you meet the minimum payout - $2. Payments will be sent through Paypal or Binance (Cryptocurrencies). To request a payment you may send a private message on Answeree profile pagePayments are made in manual mode after checking your questions and answers in compliance with all the rules. Therefore, the payment can take up to 3 working days. All payouts for earnings upto 25th of a month are made between the 5th and 7th of the next month.

If you have any further questions, see faq page, use the feedback form, or ask your question to the site administrator.
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