What are btp, sct, Lbt, Old, Cbl and otp error codes in a luminous inverter?

Abraham Vivian

 What are the btP, SCt, OLd error codes in luminous zelio 1100/1700 inverters? How to solve Lbt and otP error codes in a luminous inverter? How to fix cbl error in luminous inverter zelio?


Error codes in luminous zelio home ups inverters

A btp error code in a luminous inverter means the MCB switch on the backside of the inverter is tripped. Switch it on to solve the problem. If the error code persists there could be a problem in the circuit board.

Sct error code in luminous inverters indicates a short circuit. This is a sign of a faulty circuit board. A damaged board can lead to a short circuit.

An ‘oLd’ error code in luminous 1100/1700 inverters indicates overload. This can be solved by switching off some devices to lower the connected load. Sometimes a fault in the motherboard also shows this error. Overload protection may be in faulty condition.

Lbt error is low battery error code in luminous zelio inverter series. Charging the battery can solve the problem. Check the water level in the battery.

Otp error code in zelio inverters is an indication of over temperature. Switch off the inverter for 20 minutes. If the problem persists there must be a circuit damage.

Cbl error code in luminous zelio inverter means wrong cable connection. Check for the input cable connections to the inverter. Line, neutral and earth wires should be connected correctly to fix the ‘cbl’ error code in zelio inverters.

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