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A friend of mine is having a good and new business idea and he would like to make me a business partner with him. In between our business talks, we came through a topic that if someone copies our idea then what will we do? Whether it be a wealthy person or a big corporate company, how can we protect our business idea from being copied? Can we get a patent to our business idea?

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Ideas are like butts: everybody has one and most of them stink. Patents make an inventor feel good, but if you can invent something, somebody else can invent a way to get around your patent. Professional inventors do not bother with patents because they make more money selling pamphlets on how to reproduce their results than they would trying to sell patent licenses. If you really want a patent, you need advice from a patent lawyer.
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It depends on your idea may someone have already its patent and yes you may get its patent but you need to consult a lawyer for all kind of paperwork to be done get it over here James Davis Defense. Hope it works for you and wish you luck for your new business

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I think every country has the agency that one can visits if they have ideas for business. Actually, no matter how one is confident that they have unique idea, they might not aware that their idea already existed in some parts of the world. The patent should be given to the unique ones. I am not sure where in your country, but here we can visit DTI for that. You just need to quickly or immediately listed your ideas and what are your plans about it. They will going to asses your ideas and then they will let you know what are the ideas similar to yours. You can ask your local government about that so you will can start patenting your ideas. They can even help you to expand and develop your idea too because yours might be immature or you might find out if that is great or not.
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Yes,you can patent your business idea to keep it from thieves and users of one's fortune from grabbing it.When once this is done then you have the legal right to your intellectual property and don't forget you should go a step further by turning it a bit to a method of what you want to do, to make it more effective don't just stop at the idea stage to show seriousness and most importantly it pertinent to consult a lawyer when thinking about patenting ones business idea since this comes with some complexity and might really needs the counsel and imput of a lawyer, so that it will followed up judiciously by the law to avoid you losing money and even the business idea at the end. Sometimes is good to execute the idea and see that it is working as planned before thinking of patenting it.
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Seriously, I'm not sure if it's possible to get a patent for just an idea or a business plan and the reason for this is that there is no way of stopping other people from using their brains to think out new and better business ideas which might be directly or indirectly related to the plan which you already have and it's not possible for someone to know what another person have in his or her mind.
So, having said that all I can suggest is that instead of trying to get a patent for just a business plan or idea, why not make the move and set up as well as execute the plan by bringing it into reality. Once you have brought the business project into existence, then you can easily get a patent for your at ease which would protect it from being copied by the lazy ones who can't use their own mind for once in doing anything.

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