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I have realised that whenever am using WiFi and electricity tends to go or disrupted, WiFi becomes either weak of disconnects. What's the connection, I don't understand.
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They are entirely connected,without electricity there will be no wifi.

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The only connection between electricity and wifi is your router needs electricity to run. If you power your router through battery, you do not need direct electricity.  Apart from this, there is no other connection between your wifi and electricity. Router is a networking device that transfer data between the computers so that user can access internet. There are various reasons for slow internet connection and internet interruption. During the peak hours, when most of the people are accessing internet, your internet can become slow. During the bad weather such as rain, wind, or storm, internet connection can be interrupted or slow.

Speed of your internet connection also depends on your wifi router. If you are far away from the router, your connection can become slow. If your router is of poor quality, your internet speed might also be affected.
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Isn't it obvious, electricity controls every major device we work with, controls in the sense that it powers such devices to last a certain amount of time before powering up again.
In saying so, the major relationship between WiFi devices and electricity is power. No WiFi device will work or power up without charging, which includes the use of electricity. Except there's some new type of WiFi providing device that doesn't requiring charging. And again, even if our WiFi producing device has full power and not connected to electricity at the moment, our very own devices needs to be powered up, using the same means as that of the WiFi gadget, electricity. Computers and laptops need electricity in order to work. Same goes with our handy gadgets like phones. Without electricity, there's won't be any power.

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