Google search has the largest market share. There were search engines before Google was launched? What were the common search engines before Google?
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Before that we didn't had search engine like google but we had like lycas,yahoo and askjeeves. Google's focus only on quality that why google is top most one compare to other like bing yahoo etc...Hope you got the information 
According to Wikipedia the world's first search engine was Archie created by Alan Emtage in 1990. He was a student at McGill university in Montreal. 

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The world first search engine was Shodan, This was the first search engine that all internet connection devices could use.This search engine had enable users to find specific type of computer through webcam,servers or router by using a variety of fillers to access and be connected to the internet.

After this first there have been other search engines that have been developed and used though Google search engine still remains the giant of them all,there include:

Bing owned by Microsoft for users searching pleasure. This sesrch engine is in the Question and answers format

Buidu: search engine mostly used in China This is a search engine powered by bing

DuckDuckGo This another good sesrch engine that has really good interface.
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Google has taken over the market with innovation, combining search with marketing through AdSense and a lot of people have keyed in and benefited from the style of business.
I think you are wrong. The worlds first seach engine was Archie. 
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The worlds first search engine is Archie. It was created in 1990 by Alan Emtage. He was a student at McGill University in Montreal. He was intented to name it as 'Archieve' but later shortened as Archie. 
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