That small brown snails have conquered my discus fish tank. It is planted too. The number of snails is increasing tremendously day by day. How can I get rid of it?


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It only takes one snail to reproduce as most of them don't require a mate to reproduce. It's not surprising that one snail can multiply into a dozen. So, here is the thing to do to control snails. Even though they have the advantage of reproducing quickly,and is able to hide, you can still prevent them away from your aquarium.
You can clip a lettuce leaf on the glass before you go to bed. In the morning you will see a bunch of snails feasting on the lettuce, which you can take it away form the tank and dispose of. Although it wont prevent them from your aquarium, you can minimize.

Another way is to snail-fish in your tank, they will eat every snail they can find. Remember to reduce food for fish so there will no left for snails to eat. The less food you give, the fewer snails may be.
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Snail do not required a male or mate to reproduce one snail can produce so many snail like 6-10 snails snails normally like any thing that is wet
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It seems like breeding problem. You have to manually take out the snails out. And if they have already few snails breed in the bottom. You may have to find them, isolate them and also you have to clean the aquarium. Otherwise if not attended it could lead to the infection problem. 
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