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Masturbation is something most people would never agree openly they engage in but behind closed doors, most people practices it. 

Do you masturbate? 

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Yes of course. I masturbate. I always don't understand it when people condemn masturbation and term it demonic. I self-service three-four times in a month and I don't think there's any demon in me. 

Masturbation can only be harmful when people get overboard with it to the extent that it affects their psycholog, general happiness and ability to properly function in the society. There are times when the feeling to get laid gets to me and when there isn't any available babe around, I say to myself, “Bro, you have got to relieved yourself" and usually, once I do that, I always end up being okay for the next five-seven days or more. 

For what it's worth, during my university days, masturbation saved me from numerous temptation from girls who usually troop into my room to charge their phones and collect latest movies from my laptop.

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I don't because I'm always very busy to give a thought to that and move over I have a partner so I don't even need that, if I really need to stimulate my reproductive organ but at the same time I wouldn't consider, rebuke or judge those that does because personally I don't see anything wrong with pleasuring one's self instead of getting one self into untold hardship especially for the girls that will faced array of problems because of the sex they had the last time get them pregnant or they even contact one of the deadly STDs some even get to be disowned by their family.

Like wise with young men with no intention of getting married soon it better to self service oneself than get a girl pregnant and one begins to take up heavy responsibilities because of few minutes of pleasure.

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