The guys who mastered martial arts are muscular but not with a big size muscles. On the other hand, some wrestlers are very big in size. yes, i know wrestling has its rules. If a real fight occurs between these guys who will win the battle? Does bigger muscle help in fighting in real life?
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I know it helps because hard muscle could hurt someone when they bump on it and if someone is trying to hurt you, they can hit you in your muscle but they are the ones that get hurts when it is hard.
To an extent muscle does help during fighting. The guy with muscles whenever he's hit by somebody, he feels less of the pain. Unlike the guy without muscle any hit would have great impact on him. In the same vein, if a muscular person punches you, you are expected to go flying especially if you are not with built muscle.
I don't think that it can help for people that are not skilled in fighting. I think that there are weak points in the body which when someone that you are engaged can attack you and weaken you on. 

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Muscles do help in a fight but not muscles alone. A guy mastered in martial arts may have fighting techniques or speedy movements which may help much in a fight. But strength is also a need in fighting. Wrestling as a sport means it has its own rules and regulations. But in a real life fight, the things may not be the same.
 When fighting in real life situations the most needed quality must be higher endurance than the ability to lift a weight. For example, boxers are more concentrating in the core strength and they are having an endurance training. Of course, they do have muscles but not that much of a body builder. Let's have look onto karate champions or kung-fu masters. Do they have big massive muscles? No. What about Bruce Lee then? A 50kg man Bruce Lee could kick and throw a sandbag of 180 kg to a two floor above height. So the size of the muscles can't be a winner every time.
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I agree with you
Well as you said technique and strength play major role in fight but which one be more effective
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Muscles do help in a fight bit other things are also important at the same time. The other things include the technique, quickness, flexibility and power. In martial arts, the more emphasis is given on the techniques during self defence. Therefore muscles are not the only thing which helps during a fight.
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Yes, muscles do help, but they can't fight alone. Physical strength and good power also help. Body control and timing are other things that also helps. Working out and even weight lifting (if the body is physically it for this) are very important when it comes to strength or even fighting (such a wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, shadowboxing, etc.).
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Yes, muscle is just one of the things needed to win a fight but not necessarily the only factor that can help but it does help. Other things like strength and power are also needed to give one the self confidence to withstand the rigor of fighting.
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As the great boxing trainer Freddie Roach once said: " Muscles are pleasing in the eyes and can be imposing but it won't help you much in a boxing match".  Personally, however, I believe that having a well-defined physique equates to being fit and in a fight, being fit and in shape helps a lot if you, especially if you're opponent is not in good shape. You will be faster, and will have a better stamina. You will have better flexibility which you can use to avoid punches and your punch will have more power in them.
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The increase in muscle bulk is consistent with providing strength. That's the reason why some people whom you mentioned have the will to fight in the four corners of the stage. It cannot be denied that we need to consume food rich in proteins because it can help increase the skeletal muscles of the body.
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It is not really an advantage to be muscular in a fight. However having a fit body will give you physical and mental advantages. Having strong shoulder, leg and core muscles will help you the most in the fight when compared to other muscles in the body. But when i say “strong”, i do not mean big. Having a bodybuilder body like this(below) will not help you in a fight.
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Well I guess bigger the muscle more the damages you can take I guess but martial artist have their own strength to avoid the attack so the techiqyte matter the most but in many cases body muscles does matter
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In fighting ,tactics counts first.The only time that your muscles help you is when your are kicking or off the ground.The you use your energy to get back in track.You need skills before the muscles
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Yes of course a strong muscle will never be fatigue or bruised 

Boxers for example use the serratus anterior muscle it help them with giving punches
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