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At present, the known fastest international player is Arjen Robben followed by Gareth Bale. Both are wingers who can also perform mind-blowing finishing shots. So whether it be a sprint or acrobatics these players are the top speed footballers as of now. Theo Walcott, Valencia, and Cristiano Ronaldo are also there in the list but a bit slower than the latter.
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Bale and Arjen Robben aren't even with much pace like they do when they were younger. The same thing can be said about Cristiano Ronaldo, eventually age takes its toll on all football players who used to be fast.

Now, I would pick Kylian Mbappe as the fastest football player in the world. 
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Luis advincula of peru i think..,"On 11 March 2018, Advíncula was pronounced the fastest player in the world. He was clocked at 36.15 Km/h against Chivas, breaking Gareth Bale’s previous record of 35.7 Km/h".
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This topic has been a matter of deliberation for a while now, no wonder FIFA has started to put up a list of fastest footballers with accurate measurement of their speed in km.
Now that Usain Bolts is a professional football player, i think I'll pick him as the fastest. Lol. We all know that isn't how it's been done. Running around the pitch and running with the ball are two different things. Those who are able to run fast with the ball on them are considered as the fastest since it's all about playing ball.
Going back to the question, FIFA has put out a list of fastest footballers with Ajarn Robben of Bayern is number one. His followed by Shane Long of Southhampton, and Antonio Valencia of Manchester United who comes in third place.
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A lot of people have held the record as the fastest football player in each different football leagues all over the world but I'm only going to mention all the ones that I know so far until the fastest man on the planet earth known as Usian Bolt joined playing football. Being fast with football comes in two different ways, some football players can be very fast with the soccer ball in the feet as they move in speed with the ball. Someone like Lionel Messi is the only football player that I know to be the fastest with the ball on his feet. It's very impossible to catch him when he runs with the ball on his feet. Another person that I can tell you to be the fastest football player when he was younger would be Cristiano Ronaldo because be runs like a jet with the ball in front of him.
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A study to determined the ten fastest players on the planet has found REal Madrid and wale superstar Gareth Bale to be the speediest of the while lots.

The list,put together by Mexican outfit C.f Pachuca, includes three players from Laliga Santander ( two from Real Madrid and one from Barcelona) , four from premier League ( two from Manchester United, one from Everton) and one from Bundesliga (Borussa Dortmund), another from the Brasileirao ( Flame go) as well as an additional ffootball from Liga MX (Tigers)

According to the study which measured players' maximum speed over over the past years, Gareth Bale is the fastest , reach8ng 36.9 kilometers pper hour.

In second place, appears the name of a player who is perhaps the mist unknown on the list. Orlando Berrio. Just transferred from Flame go , the Brazilian club paid €3.27 million for the Colombian , and since he's able to find a top speed of 36km per hour, it diesñ5 seems like a shoddy investment.

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