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There are people that have investments such as land properties, shares and the rest. What is your biggest investment at the moment? 
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I wish I have invested any properties, but I am the person that cannot afford to do so, because my income when I was single is not even enough for myself.

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My greatest achievement yet is investing on my career and I love it because it has been yielding fruits.Nothing beats uniqueness. Alot of people can get into a profession but who is unique through creativity and innovation will stand out and this is what I do for myself I try to brush up my accounting skills in no little way.

I'm investing now in different account certifcations because I want to start operating as a consultant cum tutor and then have my accounting firm so I can start consulting I'm sure this will be my most investment because starting off this will need a lot of money. I'm already working toward and I hope by next year I should have set the ball rolling in the right direction.

So my biggest is yet to materialize but it happening soon.
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My biggested investment is actually my acquired skill and established agro-allied farm in a very lucrative area.
I know many youths wouldn't wish to venture into learning skill because it us seen as time wasting.

But trust me, farming is the most lucrative among all ventures this days, because it will feed you and by extension feed others.

Though for now, I've not being able to extend the farm to cover all aspects of agro-allied due to many physical factors but soonest expansion will be inevitable. For now, I am into fish farming, snail farming and few other aquacultures.

Though it is not a business that you invest in a day and earn or benefits the next day, it actually involve much patience and seriousness to get here.
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I will take advantage of the argument hole that you have left in your question to answer it in a valid and positive way for me. We call investment something that is our property and place it somewhere hoping to get benefits for that, and having that small definition I can say that the biggest investment I made this year is to take my time and place it in pages of internet hoping to obtain monetary gains in return.

 Thank God I am beginning to have profits for that investment, since some users of this platform have told me that it is a legitimate and reliable page. If I can invest my time here and in other pages to earn money online, I may get a very good profit before the end of the year, although I would also love to invest in cryptocurrencies since that is the future of money.
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I had savings before and I was about to invest on something but then my brother in law got sick and passed away so I used it for him. Right now I am totally zero but I will never stop having investment in the future. Before, my investment is my money earned. Right now, I think my investment is myself. I will take care of myself more because I am the investment of the family, since I provide the income for the family. I need to be healthy so that I will continue to work and earn money. I can start to have savings once again and i will little by little start to have a new investment or will try the investments I plan to do before. I will work hard and will double time working to earn fast to have the real investment. Now, I just fillup an application for financial investment.

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