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Wrist watches are fashionable accessories that most people can't do without. 

There are chain wrist watches and leather wrist watches. 

Do you wear any? 
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Of course, Yes. It is very helpful to know the time when we go out. 
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Seriously, I wouldn't go anywhere without wearing my wrist watch. 

In fact, it's like I'm addicted to wearing wrist watches because I'm fond of turning my wrist to check time. 

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Definitely I have a watch that I wear anytime I need to step out of my home because I hardly wear any at home so I only get it on when I need to step out.
I wear my wrist watch for some reasons  like using it to compliment my clothes as a bit of fashion and for knowing the time which I know it the most important.

Having a watch on will help us get things done on time and attend to issues and meetings too. I do things on time when I have my watch on because I'm most likely to look at it all the time and this will help me speed up the process of anything I was doing which wouldn't be possible if I wasn't wearing my watch to keep checking on my time.
Wearing a watch isnt compulsory but it's a necessity since it perform a good function of letting one know time and can be worn as a fashion item.
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Gold chain wrist watches are my favorite to wear. They give my appearance a good sense of class. 
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When it comes to fashion, they are a few persons that always seek for the best alternatives since they always aim to save up some funds on that type of stuff. I think that I am one of those people that will always feel better and okay not wearing any watch as long as we are able to have a better understanding of how to make use of our mobile devices to know what is the time of the day at a particular point in time.

I always see wearing of wrist watches as a huge task for me and this is the same thing to putting on necklaces as I can't really enjoy the time that I spend trying to look okay on them. So, I always aim to dress simple, look smart and nice while maintaining a good body posture. It is all about how we analyze each situation trying to look good.
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I'm very cautious of time and as a result of this, I can't do without wearing wrist watches. 

Some people are actually comfortable using their smartphone to check their time but I prefer using wrist watches.
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Yes, I do. Wrist watch is an accessory I can't do without. I love to adorn myself with wrist watch for so many reasons. One of which is, with the wrist watch on my wrist, I can easily get to know what the time is. And it also makes my wrist not to feel empty, because ever since I started using wrist watch, if I don't comply with wearing one when I am going out, I'd feel like something is missing on that part of my body.
Interestingly enough, I don't obey the rule of wearing wrist watch on left hand. I guess this is because I am left handed, and for this reason, I like to wear my wrist wrist watch on my right hand, so that anytime I want to make use of my left hand, it would be free for me to.

Additionally, I prefer the leather watch than the chain. Honestly, I've never wore chain wrist watch, I don't know why I just don't like it. Leather watch is the only one that always suites my fashion sense.
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Yes, I still wear a wrist watch. I thought when I have my cellphone, I thought that I will no longer need a wrist watch. But it is not always good to put out your phone in public only to check the time. Putting out your phone in public could dangerous. Having a wrist watch helps you check the time in very useful way. Imagine putting the phone in your pocket everyday for the sake of checking the time, I am not comfortable. But I have to admit I rely on my phone when it comes to alarm clock. I wear my wrist watch because I have to be checking the time for time to time because my work is fast phase and it needs to meet the deadline almost everyday.  Checking the time from time to time means I am still meeting the deadline and I can adjust from it.
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Yes, since I bought myself a wristwatch I always wear them whenever I go and whatever I do. I bought a wristwatch that is water resistant, long life battery and easy to wear. I have wristwatches long time a good and I hate changing battery every now and then and I can't get them wet because they bot water resistant. Though it's a bit pricey the  one that I have now, I feel like it's worth the price. I will buy again the same features if this one will stop working.
I like wearing it because iy easily for me to check time and date and what day today. Rather than keep checking my phone for the time. We don't have clock at home because my partner won't allow anything to hang on reason because we are just renting. So, basically nothing hanging on the wall and the clock that I have bought is already stop working. And that's the reason why I decided to buy a good wristwatch.
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 I was given my first watch when I was just 4 years old. I knew how to tell time and I receive the watch for a Christmas present. It was an old wind up watch and I was told to only wind it once a day when I went to bed. I had this watch for over 10 years until one day it broke. I felt naked without a watch and my parents bought me a new one. I am so use to having a watch on my wrist I have no idea what I would do if I didn't have one.

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