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Now it's a bad time for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple etc. Will these currencies come back or will buried?
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Seriously, at the moment cryptocurrency is a mess to all old investors because they have all lost more than 50% of all their investments in cryptocurrency especially in Bitcoin but let's be hopeful it will appreciate sooner rather than later. 

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This has happened in the past and it is happening again. One good thing came out of all this. A lot of the scam or lower value currency is now off the market. The crash in the market hit hard on some coins that couldn't stand up to Bitcoin and hold their own. They lost too much to be listed on the market and no longer have a valid listing. This isn't the first time something like this has happened and I'm sure it won't be the last. The market is starting to slowly recover now and hopefully it won't take a hit any time soon.
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The dark days are not for the coins that are mentioned above alone but almost all altcoins,  as we all knows that bitcoin leads others follow in the world of Crypto currency.
I am very optimistic that the brighter days are ahead for Crypto currencies especially bitcoin, those who have them now should panic and trade them off they should keep for a while,  those who are willing to invest, this is the right to invest your spare money that can yield profit soonest.
Cryto currencies had always rise and fall since it hits it peak in the year 2017 so it is not a new thing for us to experience the fall in price now,  statistics has shown that more coins were bought few weeks back so very likely by January the price will bounce back to normal.
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I believe that a time is coming when crypto currency will rise again and this is when those that are buying now will get to enjoy the benefits. 
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If the remaining percentages of bitcoin is mined and the number of bitcoin available becomes very limited,  then it will be very expensive. 
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Well, I think that the world already knows that the way which all the cryptocurrency blockchain was designed is the reason why we are witnessing what we are seeing today with the present price of cryptocurrency especially with Bitcoin which is fell so low on the price it's sold and is still falling. Over a long period of time, Bitcoin was between $6,700 per BTC but now it's fallen down to $3,300 per BTC.

It's actually the volatility of all cryptocurrencies that makes it keep falling and rising when other variables influence it positively or negatively. And at the moment, those other variables are seriously negatively affecting the price of all cryptocurrencies which results in what we have today. It's the new investors in cryptocurrency that are enjoying it at the moment. But definitely, it will rise soon.

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