I wanted to become an eagle ,rare but fierce bird and can fly up high.
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I would like to be the king of the jungle. It's lion that I'm talking about. 

Being a wolf is also good but I would like to be the alpha. 
I would like to be a wild wolf as that is the animal that looks brave to me. I have always looked at ways that I can mimick the actions of a wolf in everything that I do. 
I like wild wolf,  they the type of animals who are aggressive but will protect you if you get their heart.

@Henrywrites, I think that being a cock would be a good idea and fit for you.

What do you think? 

I Would like to be a Blue Whale! The largest Animal of the Planet! :)

I would like to be a bird, especially a Sparrow. It is also known as the Domestic Bird. The number of Sparrow birds is declining day by day. It is just because we are ruining their habitat. I wish to be a sparrow bird just to understand the present suffering and past experiences with humans. It would help me to know how really the humans was with these innocent animals. Do they were as selfish like they are now, or the story is something different?

As the domestic animal is the dog, and we do take a very good care of them. Likewise, these Domestic birds also need our help to survive and make our surroundings beautiful.

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The best animal that I'll ever love to be like is birds. African Grey parrots: The second - pplace winner in a very popopular comtrst with 20% oof vote. The African grey's. Intelligence, sensitivity  and quiet nature were some of the classical.

There are two species of African grey parrot:the timneh African grey and the Congo African grey. There is this person by name Ricky Lowrimore of Texas who loves the way his African grey is both affectionate and independent. "Irma can astound me sometimes by answering my questions, then other times she can like a baby and want her way. But, I love her best because she knows when she is sad and she will go to her with cuddle.

Another benefit if grey ownership or animal is the size of the third." It isn't too large for a bird, yet it is a great size to handle".

Those are the best animals I wish to become.
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There are so many animals which I would like to become at will and change back to my normal self whenever I wanted. An example of such animals is as follows ;

Lion, leopard, wolf, Saber tooth, cheata, and elephant. All these animals have one quality which I find to be a very interesting quality in my opinion and it's the quality of natural strength. The lion is categorically the king of the jungle and by far the strongest and the most feared animal in the wildlife.

When it comes to leopard, it's the quality of being able to climb any tree in the world is the reason why I love being the animal when I desire to. In such manner, it's going to be very hard to miss out any prey because even when the prey climbs the tree, the leopard will still come up there and eat the prey.
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I will definitely will want to be a lion .I always like the way people tremble at just the mention of the name lion,it sends chill down people's spine without even seeing the lion How about coming face to face with one, infact it outright dead Lol. Truthfully, I love the Lion, king of the jungle. It's a fearless animal and confront all that this before it.
Sometimes I always think we should have the heart of a lion with all situations staring us in the face, we just look at it as very little fly and know very soon we will crush it, that's the mindset of the lion when confronted with it's predator and preys I believe.

I will like to be a lion but more of it's mindset to impact positively on myself and others.Will be able to be helpful to all.
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Lion is the leader in the animal kingdom, hust like the kids shows "the liong guard".
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Am I suppose to pick a random animal? Or perhaps I should use my personality type in determining which animal I might have been if I was actually brought into the world as an animal. I think the later makes more logically sense, hence, i'll approach the question using my personality type in transforming myself into an animal.

Am introverted by nature, a personality type that enjoys solitude as a perfect getaway and part of everyday life. I like being alone most the time and barely socialize. I tend to be quiet on rare occasions when I hangout with other people. Am not the starter of a conversation, i respond only when spoken to. You can almost find me indoors at all times. I mostly step out when it's necessary or there's an important reason, like errands or picking a few personal things. Plus am Germini by star sign, which means that my periods of solitude always involves me doing one thing or the other, usually involving mental reasoning to help me solve certain problems and also make me a better person.

Drawing from the above, you'd agree that i'm a some what quiet person who keeps to himself most of the time. In line with this, it's conceivable to state that an animal version of myself will have to be one that shares the same or almost every personality trait as that of mine. Hence, i think my animal version will most likely be an introverted animal with solitary behaviors.

I would have chosen a wolf as most people above did given it's introverted nature. But unfortunately, a wolf barely walks, or works alone. Wolves hunt in packs and can found leaving amongst themselves at all times. Hence, I think my perfect match will most likely be a bear or tiger on land, an owl in air and also an octopus in water.

A bear, tiger, an owl and octopus are all solitary animals with introverted personalities. They posses almost every other traits attributed to introverted humans like me. They tend to work alone and make very little contact with other animals except on occasions when it's necessary, occasions like hunting for food, migration, search for mating partners, etc. And even when the meet with other animals outside their comfort zone, they trade carefully and exhibit symptoms of withdrawals from time to time. If I were to be an animal, it definitely will be any of the four animals mentioned above.
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