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I didn't quiet get what your question is saying, but I think you're searching for an app where you can make money while you chat, right?
Well, there's quiet a list of many apps that can get you paid while you chat along. But amongst all, some stand out because they are preferred by many given their reputation and reliability. Among them is zwerl.
Zwerl is a question and answer app where you can give answers to question in the form of chatting with other users who are online. It's quiet fun and easy. It doesn't require the standard long answers expected by other site like answeree. The answers can come in a single sentence. And half the time, people end up chatting about other things than giving actual answers to question. But in any case, you get paid for contributing. You should try it out, i bet you'll love it.
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I have had series of bad reviews given about Zwerl. I will be interested on working on such sites if they can keep up to date and not with the bad reviews that I receive.
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Mylot is a good chatting site but I don't think it has an app anyway you can also make good from here from just chatting.it a very relaxed site where all sorts can be discussed and money is made from all the interaction. All one need do is to register on the site and keep the password safe for logging in anytime one want to.

Making money on Mylot is simple,just get to the discussion tab,type the discussion and motivate others to discuss the topic posted and money is made even without you responding but if you want people to continue responding to your discussion then you must also reciprocate by responding too.
Minimum payout is just $5 and payment is via PayPal. Payment is always automatic just have S5 and above in your account and payment will be paid out on the 15th.
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There is a app that I knew was rewarding and probably still rewarding users for chatting,  the name of the app is called wow app,  it is very similar to whatsap,  you earn points by chatting with your contacts within the app,  it also has facilities of group chats that can easily generate more traffics for the app.
The reward generated from the app can be withdrawn through PayPal but part of the earnings amount goes to charity but it was so unfortunate that the app was not popular as expected,  I used the app but since I have few contacts on my phone, I became discouraged and stoped using the app. I wish the app can be more active and advertise to the target audience, I am sure it will take over the fame of whatsap. I hope to see more app that reward for chatting.

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