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For a fund application
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If you are learning to write, first you have to learn how to hold a pen and get a piece of paper. Start your stroke at the top when you write a letter A.

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This will depend on the type of letter you want we have the formal,informal and semi-informal letter.Each of these have their own way of writing and as such one need to find out first which is the which before writing.
Informal letter is a very causal letter that one can write to a friend or a family member while informal letter is one that that is written in a professional way and it will addressed in an official way either to a boss or a superior while semi informal is the mixture of both the formal and informal features.
So to write a letter you should start with the headings,then the you write the addresses,then you will do the greeting which the salutation, you write the body, then complimentary close and you can add signature for formal letter.
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The starting of a letter that would be written for a fund application would deifinitely assume a formal letter writting pattern since it being addressed to financial institution. Letter of this nature needs no form of familiarity, instead it's always straight to the point with the primarily intention of it been written stated.
First of all, you begin with address of writer and follow it up with address of the recipient; all would be written close to the margin of the paper as opposed to the old pattern of separating them. After this, it would be followed by greetings to the person the letter is been addressed, depending on the gender of the individual. This would be followed up by the title of the letter such as "application for fund".

In addition, you can proceed to stating the purpose of writing the letter, which would be under the first paragraph. Further emphasis can be made for the purpose of clarity in second paragraph. And you can then draw your conclusion on the third paragraph, before you sign out with your name and signature at the left bottom of the letter.

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