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Last month I read somewhere stopped taking answers but will remain as an archive with a million articles. The only other similar website is quora as yahoo answers are not at all active now. Will this conquer that gap made? Can we hope this community will grow to No.1? I can see a potential here on this site. Share your opinions guys.

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People are always looking for answers to questions that they don't want to research and find on there on. When a major question and answer site shuts down this leaves a void online for people to find their answers. People will search for a new site they can use. As this site build up their reputation, you'll find more and more people writing a review for this site. They will start to recommend this site and soon the site will grow.

The owners of this site are very attentive and want to do all they can to make this site popular and to help people who come here. They have a nice rewards program set in place right now that pays people to help others. The company is looking for answers that will add to the community and help a person out. They want quality on the site, which is excellent. This will only add to the reputation of the site and boost the ratings online.

Because people can ask a question for free this is a bonus for anyone looking for an answer online. Some answer sites will charge a person a fee to have their questions answered. Here the site is free, and anyone can join. You can either ask a question or be paid to answer another question.

I believe as time goes on the site will grow in popularity and more and more people will join the site and the community will grow and be more active. Just give it time, I know the more people work on here, earn money, cash out, and have fun, they will tell others about the site and people will start joining here to earn and ask questions.
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I see the potential of this site that is why I am thinking of something to ask that i really don't know to answer because we could meet the right person that could answer our questions based on skills and experience. I just wish the members will take advantage of the site and ask what they want to know even their math problems. Since the site has potential, i just hope that it will replaced I got a glimpse of Answers and most of the members are really experienced one and master a specific skills that you can get your answer completely. Unfortunately here, there are few of the questions that the answers should come from skilled person, or it does not really appear technically or maybe I am too soon judging the site because there is always a room for improvement and it will happen soon. Also, I just hope that the people are not too soon picking the right answer because there are lots of opinions and experience to share.
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I just checked and the site is live. There are even Google ads on the site. However, I did not check the internal pages thus I don't know whether this site has a reward program or not. is not the only competitor to answeree. There are a lot of question and answer sites. Some of the popular question and answer sites are Yahoo Answers, Quora etc.

Sustainability is the main issue for the site like answeree that trying to keep up the site live through reward system because the competition is very tough. You can of course have a lot of users and activity if you are paying the users, however, the main problem with paid users is not interacting with the ads. If there is no interaction with the ads there is no revenue. If no revenue is generated the site cannot sustain.

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