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Do you like studying online?

Are online courses important? 

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Online courses are pretty good.I have done some myself and I can categorically say that doing an online course is a step in the right direction.

Online courses cost less.You only pay for your tuition, books and probably application fee.You don't have to pay for accommodation,classes,cafeteria, dorm room and so on.You don't have to travel or book a flight.Online courses can be done in your home.

Online courses allow you to do your work at your own pace.You don't have to show up for a class at a particular time,sit through lengthy lectures,and then go directly to the next class.With online courses, u work at your pace.As long as you meet deadlines, you are fine.Their is less pressure.

If their is heavy rain or you live where their is heavy snow,then you will understand how difficult it is to get to class in such weather.If you are doing an online course,getting to class is as easy as opening your laptop and connecting to the internet.

Online courses also give you time to work and study at the same time. Commuting to class is erazed.

The experience and skills you get from online courses allows you to advance in your career.
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Online courses are very good and interesting to engage on because they are very easy to access and very comfortable to learn from this system of learning.
I have engaged on online courses that are mostly centered on entrepreneurship,  through this courses online,  I have acquired knowledge on how to produce lots of things,  put them in to physical results and they have yielded good results so far.
It is good to learn online paid courses than free courses because you have full information in your chosen course of study. I have engaged in both free and paid courses online.
If you engage on online courses you tend to spend less because there won't be cost of transportation, you can always attend your classes in a relaxed mood, you can be seated or lying down as the case may be.
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Online learning is really working for me because I can acquired knowledge at a go and get done with at the possible shortest time or at a specify time without not having to go through any strike and whatever that's makes people spend more years in school offline. I just did a three weeks intensive training online on accounting softwares and the courses we're done to my satisfaction.

Online courses and learning are more rigorous because the course must be completed within the stipulated time, it takes little time, it enables one learn personally not always about the tutors, it cheaper and convenient and one wouldn't have much distractions unlike the conventional classroom with others around to distract one appropriately.
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Yes, especially on YouTube and some specific Tutorials websites. Online study medium allows accessing a lot of information as well as save time to search for a good teacher. In addition to this, there no any time limit and specific time duration, when you want you can study. If you don't like the teacher can skip it and change the teacher quickly. Actually, I love to study online because of time shortage.

There are many online courses but choosing the best and the helpful course is quite a time taking. So, just consult with others who have knowledge about that then choose the online course. There are many fraud and bogus websites as well which work to just fetch money from people.

Hope my answer is helpful for you.

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