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I need a good eyeliner (preferrably in pencil) that will not show black rings under the eyes, or smudge. Any suggestions?  
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I am woman who use makeup most of the time especially when I leave my house and I am certainly very particular about the brand, quality and how long the makeup stays on my face to give me the best outlook personality.  

I usually go for branded makeups like DIOR, CHANEL, YVES SAINT LAURENT etc.  My answer to you would be go for good eyeliner that is waterproof as it stays under your eyes without smudging.  Depends on which brand you would prefer most brands offer waterproof base eyeliner.

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Cosmetics have always been my favorite. I love makeup even though sometimes i may not know too much about a certain product. Most of the time i will buy makeup, so long as i look and feel comfortable with it, i will purchase it. I wouldn't say i look at the name of the company, usually i will just guess around it and when i use it, i love it. Funny enough all the choices i have made before have worked pretty well for me. For pencil eye i cannot give you any specific one, but i use mascara and i find it very convenient. Let me suggest to you, you will probably go to a beautician and let them advice you on what you can use. Am sure they would not go wrong on the choice they will make for you. Makeup can be tricky so it's best to seek help so that you don't end up spending on something you won't be using.
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Liquid eyeliners are to be avoided if using on your waterline. I can personally recommend Inglot no.77 gel liner. It will last for hours without any smudging or fading.

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