Has anyone made a payout recently? I'm trying to see if the site is still active.? - Answeree
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I'm not sure how long the new reward system has been active but I made a payment of $30 under the old system. I looked under Answeree Rewards at the bottom of the home page and it certainly looks as if it might be so I am just going to keep going and hope that when I reach cashout I will be rewarded.
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I just received an email that "welcomes me back to the team". I don't know what that means, as it seemed to me that there hasn't been any announcement in here.
I didn't get an email but someone else that I know from ForumCoin did so I thought I would take a look. If you go to the bottom of the page it will tell you there is a new reward system under Answeree Rewards. It says we can cash out at $5 now.
Yeah. I read it awhile ago. I think it is a good strategy to lower the payout. Did you get what they mean with that 500point surprise bonus?


I'm glad you're still active here.

No I've no idea what that means and I'm not sure how many credits we need before we can claim the $5, would it be 500? Nice to see you here too :)

If 10 points is 1 cent then I think yes, 500 points is needed to make a payout. I've explored the site a bit and I think it's back on its operation. Even the feature of sending private messages has been brought back. 
No. 5000 points is equivalent to 5 USD. For newbie 2000 points which is equivalent to 2 USD..
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I am also trying to figure out if there's new reward system considering that word count reduced. I will be very happy if the reward system remained the same. Anyway very soon everything will be updated.
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I am not aware of the reduction in word count. Was there a post by the admin about this? Can you point me to it? In any case, it's good to know that you guys are still active. Cheers! 
Yes it's 30 words and I can't remember where I've seen it. I think it appears at the top of the posting box when you post an answer,
Whoah. Is it 120 down to 30? I'll look for it later. Thank you so much for sharing this info. 
No problem. I've just looked and it appears above the comment box when you go to answer a question but not when you type a comment. Yes it's one hell of a reduction and makes it so much easier because not all posts needed 120 words and it meant people were padding out their posts with unnecessary wording.
I agree with you. People might just post answers just for the sake of reaching the minimum word count without actually helping the person asking. I do hope the admin will conduct serious quality checking to prevent this from happening. 
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No.I have not get paid from this website.I am answering the questions to get the same.My cutoff is not cleared.I will share my payouts,when i get.
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