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So that i don't need to have any technical knowledge about website analysis and understanding of website performance optimization.

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A few paid instruments offer site examination and can give data about the all-out size of a site by entering its space. The following are a couple:

GTmetrix: GTmetrix offers a set-up of site execution improvement devices, including the capacity to investigate the all-out size of a site. While it offers a complementary plan, more point-by-point experiences and elements are accessible with paid plans.

Pingdom: Pingdom gives site checking and execution testing administrations. With Pingdom, you can examine the size of a site and get point-by-point execution reports. It offers both free and paid plans.

WebPageTest: WebPageTest is an open-source project that gives site execution testing apparatuses. While the fundamental assistance is free, they likewise offer business authorizing for endeavors searching for extra highlights and backing.

Site24x7: Site24x7 offers site observing and execution streamlining apparatuses. Their site analyzer device gives experiences into different execution measurements, including the all-out size of a site. Paid plans offer more highlights and customization choices.

Shouting Frog Search engine optimization Insect: While essentially known as a Website optimization device, Shouting Frog Website design enhancement Bug can likewise dissect site size and other specialized parts of a site. It offers both free and paid forms, with the paid rendition giving extra highlights and high-level customization choices.

Before picking a paid instrument, think about your particular prerequisites, spending plan, and the elements presented by each device to guarantee it addresses your issues successfully.
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There are several paid tools available that offer automatic website size detection by simply entering the website domain. Some popular options include:

1. **Ahrefs**: A comprehensive SEO tool that provides website size information along with various other SEO metrics.

2. **SEMrush**: Another powerful SEO tool that offers website size analysis among its suite of features.

3. **Moz**: Moz's suite of SEO tools includes website size detection as part of its offerings.

4. **Screaming Frog**: While primarily known as a website crawler, Screaming Frog also provides insights into website size and other SEO-related data.

5. **Sitebulb**: This tool is specifically designed for website auditing and provides detailed information on website size and structure.

These tools often require a subscription or payment for access to their features, but they can offer valuable insights for website optimization and performance monitoring.
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Several paid tools can automatically detect any website's total size, just by entering its domain. Here are some great options:

1. GTmetrix:

GTmetrix provides comprehensive website performance analysis, including total size, loading speed, and recommendations for improvement. It offers both free and paid plans with advanced features like historical data tracking and PDF reports.

2. Pingdom:

Pingdom offers website monitoring and performance testing services, including the ability to analyze a website's total size. It provides detailed reports and insights to help optimize website performance. Pingdom offers various pricing plans based on the features and number of checks needed.

3. WebPage Test:

While WebPage Test offers free testing, its commercial version provides additional features such as private instances, API access, and custom scripting capabilities. It allows for analysis of a website's total size along with various other performance metrics.

4. Dynatrace:

Dynatrace is a comprehensive digital performance monitoring platform that offers website analysis tools, including total size detection. It provides real-time insights into website performance and user experience, helping businesses optimize their online presence. Dynatrace offers customizable pricing plans based on specific business needs.

5. Site 24/7:

Site 24/7 is a website monitoring and performance optimization tool that offers features like total size detection, performance testing, and uptime monitoring. It provides detailed reports and alerts to help ensure website reliability and speed. Site 24/7 offers various pricing plans suitable for businesses of all sizes.

6. SpeedCurve:

SpeedCurve is a performance-monitoring tool that focuses on user experience metrics, including total page size. It offers advanced features like filmstrip view, lighthouse integration, and synthetic monitoring to help businesses understand and improve website performance. SpeedCurve offers customizable pricing plans based on specific requirements.

These tools can help you assess and optimize your website's total size, ultimately improving its performance and user experience. Consider evaluating their features and pricing to choose the best option for your needs.

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