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Note: This video has all the Sesame Street Music Cues reused in The Monster At The End Of This Book Hinkler Books DVD, Sesame Workshop Ebook & Phoenix Sound Book that I Identified by watching Sesame Street 1969-1997 sketches so far.

Here is the list

1). The Introduction (Big Bird Catches A Ball)

2). Grover Tying The Pages Together (Big Bird Catches A Ball)

3). Grover’s Meltdown (Big Bird Knocks Over Blocks)

4). STOP TURNING PAGES (Ernie Tries To Scare Bert)

5). Grover Nails The Pages (Big Bird Catches A Ball)

6). The Destruction Of Grover’s Boards (Away From With Harvey Kneeslapper)

7). A Terrible Mess (Big Bird Knocks Over Blocks)

8). Aftermath of Grover’s Wipeout (Kermit’s Weather Calendar)

9). The Drumroll (Count & Cookie Monster Cooperate)

10). The Dramatic Stinger (King Cookie Monster)

11). Oh I Am So Embarrassed (Hug with Herry Monster and an Anything Muppet)

11). The Outro (Kermit Counts Monkeys)

If you know what Sesame Street sketches from 1969-1997 that have the rest of the music cues reused in the said 3 monster at the end of this book adaptations above, please write the rest of the cues & sketches as an answer to this question

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