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Well, you can probably start by looking for affordable fares be it airfare or local bus fare. To avail of the cheapest rates, it is often recommended to book your trip months before.

While availing group packages could give you some savings, I would suggest that you create your own itinerary. This way, you'll have more control over the places you want to visit and the activities you want to do. In doing so, it would also save you a lot if you will learn how to commute from one place to another as this is where most visitors often get deceived.

An important thing as well is to do your research prior to traveling. Learn even a little bit about the local language and the local food for you to get the best out of your travel.

Last, travel light and do not pack more than what you need.
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I love to visit new places and travel a lot. The knowledge and experience I get through travelling helps me to become a better person. The travelling is the best thing to meet the new people and get to know about the culture and tradition of any region and understanding the behaviour in scientific terms. I have my own set of rules that can be beneficial for others. Some of the hacks for you are:

1. Whenever you travel to some place, always limit your stay at minimal cost. It's because while travelling to the place you would spend less time at your stay and more time travelling the places.

2. Do heavy breakfast in the morning so that you can skip the lunch. Skipping the lunch gives you extra day time to travel more and also the breakfast is complementary with the stay at most of the places. It would same time and also the money at the same time.

3. Always have fruits preferably banana in your bag pack. It will help you to gain instant energy.
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