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I prefer Christmas season because most of the family come together are held this period. Besides its a season which is full of gifts, blessings and love. At times i always tend to wish that everyday was Christmas.
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Yes, indeed! And I love its cold weather. Maybe it still depends on what country we are in, yet there are people who still prefer and enjoy most the summertime. The month of December is so special for I grow up in a traditional country that celebrated Christmas the most wonderful time. I love seeing children who are so excited about their Gifts. And the food, are all well prepared. 
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I love summer because it is hot and mixed with rain. Winter can be so cold to the extent you want to be indoors throughout. Sometimes the thickest clothes cannot prevent the cold hitting your body. In most part of Africa,  it is usually dry and dusty during Christmas, and this affects your skin. 
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Yup, summer is a good season too. But I prefer Christmas because the climate here is just better than the summer. During the summer, we have to go to some places which are a bit colder, so we can be refreshed...What if we don't set a budget for that, others will just rely on buying ice-cold water instead. And some people, unfortunately, are very prone to their sickness. But in fairness I guess, it really depends on the location, so there's no big deal. What matters most is that the condition of most people must always be considered.
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Christmas is the best season of the year. And it's the joyous time of the year in which family gets reunited. Those family members who are out of town or living in a far country take time out to go home and have a family reunion.
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Christmas festival period is the best. During this time round the whole world is in festivity mood. There is spending, giving of gifts and all is colour and pomp.

Santa Claus adds value to the festival with gifts to children. The Christmas tree is also an old custom which adds value to the festival.
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I prefer the Christmas season since it is the season that people come together and celebrate it. It does not need to be in a grandeur way, but being together counts the most.
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Christmas season is the best for me because of the vibe,family gatherings,church songs,decorations , food and Xmas events that it brings except we don't have the  snow but we thank the machines that could create snow
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Christmas is the best for me as we gather with family members and friends for meals together, make future plans and visit relatives whom we have not seen each other for long. 
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