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I am a beginner in photography but I strongly believe  I have good passion in photography.  Now I am using a Sony cybershot w220. I am trying to sell some of my works on sites like dreamstime, fotolia, iStockphoto etc. So I need a better camera for making perfect pictures for this purpose. I am looking to buy a new DSLR Camera. Which DSLR should  I choose for my needs? I need an expert answer.

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My opinion is Canon 1300D (entry level) Eos 70Dmark II, or Eos 5D Mark III, (not Mark IV) Check prices in your country. If you are going for a compact camera, I suggest Sony Rx100 II.
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Here is the site that convinced me to get a Kodak DX7440. I am very pleased with that model and I have less than 20 bucks in the camera and all the attachments. http://raydobbins.com/photosetup.htm

You can buy this on http://amzn.to/2shogQi

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