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I want to know if anyone in this forum has been paid so far since I have seen others hitting 3k cents.
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There are already members who are above 3k points and I trust the site that it is a paying site so for sure there is someone received a payment. that inspire me to be active on the site. 
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There are people who have been paid here but many give up before they reach that point. You just have to keep going as I know at least two people who have been paid here, just makes sure you give quality answers.

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I did request my payment from the site and it will take up to  72 hours to process and send to me. As soon as I know more I'll let everyone on here know. I'm not worried about this site paying and I know it is a good site to work on. It just takes time to reach your goal on here so you can get paid. If people want to make more they need to think about a few things:

  • If you see a comment that is good - give it a like or an upvote.
  • People don't need to only vote on their questions they ask. They should vote on all questions.
  • If people give you an upvote and you see a good post they answered give them one back.
  • I think people forget that giving an upvote shows everyone they care about the answers given on here.
  • You'll also need to remember to choose the best answer on your topics once you have a few answers to select from. But you can always say thanks to people.
  • When you chose the best answer give the person a like or an upvote.
This way we all earn a few extra cents for answering questions on here. If nobody wants to give people credit then you won't receive credit back. This is a, give and take site, and you need to think about this too. 


I have been paid by the site. This is a legitimate site and does pay. Hope this will answer all your questions about this site. It is a good community and people will be paid. 
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Yes I saw one payment proof today and actually that has really motivated me in some way.Its hard to get a q&a site giving you a token of appreciation. Quora has huge population but doesn't pay, same to yahoo answers.We therefore have to create traffic for this site.Let's  make this place somewhere one can rely on to get the genuine answers not only for cash.
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I have seen a payment proof on the Beer Money Forum so I know that it does pay.

I tend to think of this site as a Q & A site with benefits rather than a site that pays. Of course it's nice to be rewarded for our time here and I love it when I get thanks or a best answer as it means someone appreciates what I have written but for me the the money is  secondary because I get pleasure out of being part of this community.  I hope Answeree sticks around for a long time to come.
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I'm still new here so I'm still far from minimum payment but I joined the site after I  had seen a payment proof on BMF and another earning site posted by a member here on the site.

I think this is a legit site despite the High minimum payout and I can see other members striving hard to get to the minimum payout and some even exceeding the amount maybe they want a higher payout to reduce PayPal fees,so it shows that they can't all be wrong.

You can checkout other members amount attached to their names by clicking on the members tab at the top left of the site. Just keep working you might find out yourself very soon.

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