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There are many types of berries and their colour is what they are named after; just like Blackberries which are black. Berries contain powerful antioxidant 'anthocyanin' which gives red, blue, purple, black colour to the fruit. Normally deep purple berries which are blueberries are common to considered as blue berries because their deep purple colour considered blue in medieval period.
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Some people say that blueberries are deep purple but they seem blue to me :) They have this blue colour due to the ingredient anthocyanin and the darker is the blueberry the more anthocyanin it has. Its colour may vary according to the soil they grow but they always have a shade of blue if they are good to eat. Those that I have in my garden are all blue and I bought some that are also blue.

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That's what my reaction too when I first bought and eat blueberries from supermarket. I thought because they were called blueberries, they will really color blue. But I was wrong with my perception, they are blue on the outside but deep red on the inside. That is why when I make smoothies, they will turn into deep red because of the blueberries I added. I like the color though instead of being really blue.  They were just called blueberries because of the skin color its a deep or dark blue color. I like blueberries in the kitchen because of their versatile when cooking or baking. Apart from blueberries, there are many types of berries and some of them being name by their color except I think from strawberries. They are good antioxidants and Vitamin C.

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