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Don't stuff the keyword in your content it is one of the best way why because people won't get much knowledge when you done that like that there are so many reasons are there you should keep a heading correctly and wants to optimize your meta description and images etc,..

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It is quite simple. You can use Adwords app from Google and look up the most relevant keywords to your niche. You can also do the searches yourself and add some keywords off the top of your head.

Then you use a density of 5% of keywords in a 1000 words text. Make sure you do not stuff text with keywords, or even use those keywords that make no sense or that have no agreement with the sentence. People can easily catch when a text was stuffed with keywords that do not even make any sense.
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There are a few simple rules to follow to make your blog SEO friendly. They aren't hard and if you do this on all of your posts, you're sure to be a success:

  1. Always think before you start. This is the most important part of writing.
  2. Creating the structure of your blog posts is necessary when you want to be noticed. 
  3. Now create your title, this should be short, catch, and tell what the article is about. You'll need to create your URL. In most blogs, they will do this for you.
  4. Your heading is important, so use them correctly.
  5. Keep your paragraphs short. Too long of a paragraph and people won't keep reading. 
  6. Only add links to your blog posts when it makes sense. Stuffing a ton of affiliate links in your post isn't a good idea. Only link to information that supports your article.
  7. It is important to use keywords in your article. However, don't get caught stuffing the article full of keywords.
  8. You'll need to optimize the length of each of your blog posts. Done make one short and another way too long. Try to keep them around the same size or use the same format for each post you write. 
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Content marketing is the backbone of all digital marketing strategy. Given the fact that 75% users never scroll past the first page of search results, creating quality content and sharing it is not enough to drive more traffic to your site. In addition, you need to optimize your blog for search engines.

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