Being a girl having only 85 pounds weight is it okay to marry a man with 225 pounds? - Answeree
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I have a friend is same woth your situation but that does not stop them being together and start a family. It really doesn't matter at all.
Seriously, in my opinion he is too much for you unless you like bigger and heavier men. 

He is almost 3 times your weight, so it's a no for me but the decision is yours to make. 
Weight is not actually a basic factor. But it become a problem later in future when the two get married and are now together. The weight will increase. Except on condition that both will work on the weight

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If you are asking this question I suppose you must be worried about it. If he is very overweight then it isn't good for his health but if you love him and find him attractive it shouldn't be a problem from a romantic point of view.  Maybe you could gently tell him that you are concerned about his health and think he would look nice if he lost a few pounds.

If this is really bothering you and you are having doubts about marrying him I would delay the wedding for a while until you are sure this is what you want. It wouldn't be fair on either of you if you are unsure.
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I agree, she moght worried what other people would say too about them being together.
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If a girl is worried about her partners weight for his health problems and how it might affect their relationship and intimacy in the future marriage to come, it is probably a very good thing. I suggest she should have a good hearty talk with him, make him see reasons and encourage him to be better. 

If it is about what people would think,say or she's probably embarrassed by it, she put a hold on the marriage until she is sure. Especially when he is comfortable in his skin. People need to be accepted the way they are and any decision to change should be entirely theirs to make. 

She doesn't have to settle with what she isn't comfortable with and he doesn't have to fit in for anyone but himself. 
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But the question is, why would she want to be with this person if she worried about overweight.
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I don't see a problem in this especially if the man you are marrying fits his body structure. There are some men that are very tall and work out. Their weight is around 200 or plus pounds. The men aren't overweight and they don't have any health issue. I've dated men that were over 6 feet tall and weight 200 pounds. They were bodybuilders. I am not very tall and like you don't weight that much. The man understands his weight and his body strength. They are well aware of this when being with you making love or just sitting around the home.

If you love this person, no matter how much they weight, you can always find a way to make it work. On the other hand, if you are worried about his weight, you should bring up your concerns before you're married. 

I believe that you have already addressed this issue with him because you've been dating for a time now. You have fallen in love with him and want to get married. I think he understands his weight and how to control this to not hurt you. Otherwise, you would have stopped seeing him some time ago. 
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You have a point too, different person has different body build up, but if she is talking about overweight like a huge a guy for her, maybe she is concered about him. 
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The weight difference is pretty much, she's more than twice the man's weight.When it comes to relationships, the heart matters and not the weight. What am trying to think is that you may be  fearing the condition is genetic and your offsprings may inherit that.

What I think is that its okay to be married to the man despite of the condition.Try and help the man in trying to reduce the weight in case it's not genetic. Be the teacher and guide him in the exercises plus consider the diet.

If the condition is genetic, then you have no other way out but accept him the way he is.
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I agree, if truly love exist with both, there is no problem, they can loose weight together and be healthy.
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They are heavier than the girls so I can say, I don't judge by the physical or external looks of the person because I am more of marrying the attitude and personality and not what they look like. I really hate being judgemental. I really hate when we are judge by the way we look, our weight and what we had done wrong from the past. As long as you love the person, the weight doesn't matters. In fact, weight could get lesser if that person wants a healthy lifestyle. Love can change everything so I think there is nothing wrong in marrying a heavy man when your weight is lighter than them. If you are happy with that person and you love him dearly then that is not questioned. You can adjust to everything if love powerful. It will never be a problem.
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I agree with ypu, character is what matters most between the relationship, physical appearance is just a bonus.
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Seriously, the weight gap difference of 85 pounds and 225 pounds weight is too much in my opinion. I'm very much aware that there are some people who would feel very much comfortable getting married to someone who is up to 350 pounds weight and never get bothered about their man size and weight when it's compared to them.
From my perspective, 50 pounds weight versus 225 pounds weight can never work. It's an improper fraction in Mathematics, it's never going to work out. Even if you must marry a man who is 225 pounds weight, he should be committed to working out on daily basis in order to lose weight by burning lots of calories that are bad for one's health and fitness. If I'm to pick the weight difference, it wouldn't be anything more than an added 30 pounds weight difference.
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It's definitely over weight, and the giy should lose weight in order for her to feel comfortable.
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It is obvious that the man will definitely be a fat person while the lady may likely be  a moderate person  base on the weight analysis given here,  this is not a good idea in my opinion .

There will obviously be  a public embarrassment on this except both of them will be ready to shun such embarrassment, for instance someone may refer to the man has her dad or grandpa as the case may be,  the weight is one thing, the facial look and body physique is another thing.
If there are remedies that can be done for the weight to be loss as fast as possible before the get married because genuine  love is all about understanding,  tolerance and overcoming challenges that will exist in the journey.
The style of their love making is also a big question that needs to be dealt with if they must move on regardless.
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