Bcs relationship of nowadays is nothing to write home about bcs some people don't know the essence of a relationship ,which is bad
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Commitment - Is big in relationships, they last longer when you're all in and faithful to your partner it shows that your partner can trust you an rely on you when its tough.
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I believe trust is the most important thing in relationship. Being able to trust someone makes a strong and healthy relationship. The best and healthy relationship are the ones where couple feel like best friends and everything should be transparent. 
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The essence of a relationship lies in its strength, passion to stay together and liveliness to go on and on. Coziness, spark and soul connection makes a relationship worth.
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The essence of any relationship, as many would say, is quite simple and straightforward. It is comprised of loyalty, trust, compassion, and love. Any relationship whether romantic or not is based on mutual respect and admiration for one another.
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