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What is the difference between normal account and business account in Whatsapp? How can I make benefit of it?
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One of the benefits is that it is going to show those that chat you up that you are strictly for business. This is one of the ways that you can limit your chats to some kind of calmness and focus on business. 

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The WhatsApp normal account or the WhatsApp  messenger account is for the use of general public. Whereas, WhatsApp business account is a standalone platform that targets business people, from big companies to SMEs. WhatsApp business enables business people to be more communicative with their customers.
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The whatsapp business account is an application that was built to be very helpful for business especially small management. 

We all know how easy it is to reach people via direct contact than email or social media. This app was developed with distinguishing feature such that you can create your profile which might include, mail and contact address and brief description about your business. 

It also has features that helps to organize your services like tabs for new customers, delivery, pending payment etc. You can easily keep track of everything with those features. 

You can also send automated messages whenever a customer contacts you. What's more, you can manage it differently from your personal whatsapp account and you don't have to mix business with pleasure .
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Realistically, this feature of WhatsApp is the it thing as we speak. Business owners are taking their businesses to the next level with the use of this feature. And amazingly, it has helped them tremendously in maximizing profit as it enables them to reach their current and prospective customers at lower cost.

WhatsApp business account is called WhatsApp group. All they do with it is to share information that are strictly related to the nature of business. And this is done after creating the group, and sending invites to people for them to join, or creating a link that would allow anyone to join using the link. Often times, the link can be shared on other platforms which apparently would connect anyone who clicks on it to the WhatsApp group chat.

WhatsApp business account is significantly different from the normal account, as it's not meant for chatting between individuals on the group, but to promote and advertise what the business is all about. Unlike the normal account where one can chat conveniently with another fellow who is his/her friend.
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Whatsap is an app basically designed to make communication between person to person  either through calls or texts messages (private conversations) or person to persons conversation (group chats) easier and effective..

The normal account which basically deal with personal messages and group discussions whatsap calls both audio and videos first the version that was launched.

The business account version of whatsapp which allows a user have a auto  welcome  message which contains brief description of the business been sent automatically whenever customer chat up the whatsap contact Was recently launched. This version of whatsap makes response very fast and it is very secure version, it also gives the customer access to price and other necessary information about the products in mind.

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