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Since I wrote my post below I have bought an Echo Dot. It's a great little piece of equipment once you get it connected but I did have trouble connecting it to my phone. I managed it eventually but then my router broke and I had to reconnect it. It refused to connect to my phone again but I did it via my desktop and now it's working really well.

I play music, ask Alexa questions and eventually intend to use some of the smart features like being able to turn the lights on and off. The price has gone down here in the UK so I feel it's a real bargain.

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I have been asking myself the same question but as I know someone who has an Amazon echo dot I will probably go for one of these. Reviews suggest that the Echo is best because it came out first and is better for controlling smart home gear and can apparently do more things generally. I did read that Google Home mini is better at answering questions but I have no experience of this as I have only seen the echo.

I loved the dot and plan to get one myself. You can ask it silly questions, play music etc. and it is said to have better sound quality. It's constantly improving as Amazon adds more features to it so I would definitely go for one of these. It's also slightly cheaper than Google Home mini.

Read as many reviews as you can to make sure you are making the right choice for you but for me it is Amazon Echo Dot.
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