Best Barber Shop in Rancho Cucamonga,USA
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Probably the most well known haircuts for men as of now are pompadour, the undercut and the slicked back. This haircuts are most comfortable and formal for men 
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Undercut hairstyle remains as popular today and trend all around the world its a classic style with the buzzed sides and longer hair on top of the head and brushed back for a clean and polished look. Though some men experiment with combining it with other type, aesthetics, and even their mood. Undercut hairstyle is distinctive and sophisticated unlike some haircuts, which you can easily recognize in a first glance. You can also style it in several different ways.
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The most popular hairstyle in men is the down cut and top hair remains . It has been worn by many celebrities and gained popularity so much 
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Since I am wearing long hair, the most popular hairstyle for it is to do different man buns. I am practicing doing them and being guided using the videos on YouTube.
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