I bet the earth is very very old how old is the earth?
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Dating back since creation and the many centuries that we have had so far, the world is Far million years old. History has tried to break down into ages in order to make it simple for people to understand
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Earth doesn't have birth certificate to recordist formulation, which means scientist spent hundred of yearsto determine The age of earth.

Earth is Estimated to be 4.54 billion years old.
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The answer depends on various things,if you are a historian you will believe that the world is millions years old.If you believe in God the creator,the world is about six thousands  years old.Know one can tell the exact truth but we hope some day we shall know the truth
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going very very far the world made millions and billions of years ago estimated 4.54 billion years ago but according to religion its the 1444 now
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4.5 Billion years approximately. And 4.4 billion years are remaining, if we don't destroy it before the natural death.

Although, there have already been 5 extinctions by nature which killed the most catastrophic species per era. 

The 6th and the ongoing one is called Holocene cause by us. Nature is sure to punish.
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The age of the Earth is estimated to be about 4.54 billion years. This age is based on a number of scientific studies and measurements, including the study of rocks and minerals that have formed on the Earth's surface, the cooling of the Earth's interior, and the measurement of the Earth's distance from the Sun and its rate of orbit. It is also consistent with the age of the universe, which is estimated to be about 13.8 billion years old.
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