What do you like about clothing/fashion? :)

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Clothing/fashion does not matter if it is branded or not. What is important on how carry those clothes when you wear them. As long as it is neat and presentable it does not matter if it is new or old. You can mix and match it whatever you want. People will not even recognize it sometimes. Like what is the fad these days and those old styles. You can still wear those and it will depend on how fashionable you are even if it is simple and not elegant. What is important is how comfortable you are when you wear your clothes.

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What I like about clothing/fashion is the quality of the branded clothes. They look simple and elegant. Even if they are just plain and fine prints you can see how good they are made. The cloth stays long and is nice fitting to the body.
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Branded dresses are very elegant and good to wear. Even though it cost, it will last more.so always go for branded dresses.
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I am not into fashion trends anymore. I do have my own styling of clothes, which makes me a unique individual. Do not get me wrong, I am also on trend during my younger years.
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Fashion on clothes keep on changing. New trend in clothes are  

  1. Hoodies with blazers
  2. Oversized shirts
  3. Wide length denim
  4. Tiny handbag
  5. Sleek facemask
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First of all I consider wearing clothes a must thing to do because I can't go out naked.

I'm not a fashion Pearson ,every clothes is okay for me as long it's clean and fresh am good to go.
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It is a true fact that what wear should be clean and tidy. The person seeing should not feel bad. Well washed and ironed one.
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I like the style of cotton shirt and just a sports shorts. I usually use those kind of get up everyday wherever I stroll. I like workouts,walking and jogging that's why I just like my outfit to be like that.
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I am actually not a fashion person, i wear anything i want to wear, matching colour and sometimes i wear mixed colours, i am cool with anything i want.
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The only Best clothing/fashion is the design that you prefer and fits you better.The fashion and design of clothes that you admire is your best fashion.
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