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How much do expect bitcoin to be in 2019?
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This is a difficult question to answer as I know that even the experts don't have a definite answer for it. However, I see the future as being a bright one. 

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I believe it will not go any higher in 2018, in fact the "Boom" of this currency seems to be gone for the most part.

It is mostly used for shady things and you spend so much money trying to get the coins that it is rather pointless. 

While these coins are not regulated by the government it will be impossible to make solid predictions on the future.
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This is hard to predict what the cap will be this year. With all the issues now in the cryptocurrency market it is hard to say one way or the other if this coin can survive, flourish, and be regulated like it should be. From what I've seen this is a booming market and there are tons of new options available and new companies spring up lately. However, how stable are these companies? Can you really trust your investment in a currency that is hard to use, hard to cash out from, and have no regulatory control?

Have you ever tried to transfer this electronic currency to your bank account? If you have, you'd know the payment processing fees alone are extremely high and it is extremely difficult to make these transactions. 

What good is money that you can't spend in a store? No store I know of will allow you to spend Bitcoins there and I know for a fact there are no Bitcoin debit cards. 

Until some laws are set in motion, it is easier to access, spend, and transfer this currency, I don't think I'd get too excited one way or the other about the cap. There are some who pulled out at the right time when the Bitcoin had risen so much. Now people who invested and didn't pull out have lost money. The lower value is good for us, but will it continue to drop or can it make a comeback and rise again? I think that is the most important question to ask right now. 
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It is definitely a very hard question to answer or predicts what the value will be because the volalite nature of the coin will make prediction to kinda difficult. There are predictions about bitcoin  that have failed several times,  some predicted it rise tremendously by August or October which ended untrue.
Since the beginning of this year the coins has been trading between $5800 -$7000 until last two weeks when the price falls back to as low as $3700 but now it is crawling back as it is at $4121 and the price could rise or drop in few hours from now.

Considering  the circumstances around bitcoin so far I doubt if it will go beyond $7000 this year 2018 or stay  around $4500 even if it rise above $7000 it will lust be for few days.
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