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Is this a zombie apocalypse, like the dead people living with the true living people?it is scary. I don't have the guts to watch the Walking Dead then I am answering this creepy question now.  That could possible happen since media and movies had given us an idea that a certain infections could change the way the people think. It could influence their brain.That infection could cause them to act like Zombie. Their skin are destroyed and becoming rotten. They smell awful and everyone think they could kill you when in fact, they could act that way because of the infections getting their brain. Their brain is not working normally. They could kill you so don't try them to see you because they will be spreading a virus to you. It could really happen.
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If you are talking living dead as in zombies, then I don't think anything of them. They are only brilliant fictions of imaginations that are played out so well you would want to think they are real. Do I think this can happen? Maybe yes. Since they scripted as viruses mostly attacking and taking over the human system causing them to become as they are. We've seen cases of virus outbreak like Ebola although not closely related spread like wildfire. I don't want to see that day though.

However, there are other speculated forms of living dead. As creepy as it may sound, I've heard First Class stories of people that have died before but come back to live a normal life elsewhere. Some even have kids. I think that's an example of a living dead and when they get busted they leave never to return again.
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Thankfully the living dead don't exist if we are talking about the fictional beings known as zombies. The only other way I would describe a person in this way is if a person was in a coma for many years, physically still alive but mentally in a state of limbo.

I personally do not like zombie films, all those gross beings lunging around killing or infecting people and I'm pretty sure there will never be anything similar. I'm more into vampires as although I doubt they could exist, to me they are more believable.

Zombie movies are very popular with many people and some even believe an apocalypse is possible. I personally don't but stranger things have happened so perhaps it is entirely possible that in the future something similar or just as life changing could happen.
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Your question made me think about the origin of this living dead concept or the zombies. As fictional as it is, perhaps there could be some basis for why humans who have been pictured out as zombies turned into such beings via infection of some disease or viruses.

This idea has also been so trivial, as some zombies have also been portrayed as good zombies after the series of films displaying them as the bad guys trying to rule the world by turning normal people into their kind.

I don't want to believe that the existence of the living dead is possible or that research towards this concept are being made without the public's knowledge. However, it kinda scares me too. Again, they wouldn't have thought about this aftermath if there aren't any slightest possibility of this occurring within the human race.
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Living dead are our beloved who died and are still living amongst us. By this I mean, we saw them dying and we still have there memories. Just like our ancestors they share something in common for instance, we will never see them again but unlike the living dead,  we haven't seen our ancestors but rather hear stories that they existed.

In our African transitional society, we are supposed to uphelp both our ancestors and the living dead by naming our kids after them. This has been the trend for a very long time and that's one way we can go on with our cultures. I don't know if the Bible indicates something about the living dead nor the ancestors. The most crucial thing with them is that we should respect them and in fact in our African culture, we are supposed to honour our ancestors.
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The living dead, popularly know as zombies as we all know are fictional dead characters reanimated from the dead. Zombies were the brilliant work of George Romero, who first introduced the idea in The Night of the Living Dead movie of 1968, followed by Dawn of the Dead in 1978. It took the world by surprise. It was unlike anything before.

Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genres, but recent times show otherwise. The Zombie idea has been abused so much that movies on zombies hardly scares anymore. I've even seen a zombie movie where the undead smokes cigarrettes and strategises their plans before attacking humans, no jokes. 

There's this seasonal movie titled living dead, I don't know if your question is also referring it. If so, the series are great. I've seen probably upto 5 seasons so far and they've met my expectations. 

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