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0 votes
0 answers

I got mold in my house. Again. We tried a lot of money, but the mold keeps coming back. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

asked Sep 11 in Home+Garden by Serena
+1 vote
2 answers

Now it's a new trend in Trinidad, having tiny houses with well landscaped surroundings. What ... special advantage other than lowering the construction cost?

answered Sep 7 in Small House Plans by liviajames Level 1 (140 points)
+3 votes
6 answers

Both words home and house are used in conversations. For eg: house plans are there, home plans are ... I differentiate both these words? Is both are same?

answered Sep 5 in Small House Plans by arunkumarr Level 2 (560 points)
0 votes
0 answers

Talk about how people can get a wide range of choices for color in a variety of stones, plus a ... of different styles to match whatever your needs may be.

asked Aug 28 in Home+Garden by RonGoldsmith Level 1 (210 points)
0 votes
0 answers

Is it so, that the hand curved natural stone makes the living or a commercial place more beautiful?

asked Aug 2 in Home+Garden by RonGoldsmith Level 1 (210 points)
+1 vote
0 answers

Looking for information on limestone honeycomb panels. Wants to go across the benefits of lightweight limestone honeycomb panels.

asked Jul 17 in Home+Garden by RonGoldsmith Level 1 (210 points)
+3 votes
1 answer

Bought a water heater and it has not connected a plug. There are three wires probably phase,neutral and earth ... Help me to connect the device to a 3-pin plug

answered Jul 1 in Home+Garden by Richard Abraham Level 2 (650 points)
+2 votes
1 answer

Share information regarding the use of Sandstone Honeycomb Panels for living spaces.

answered Jun 30 in Home+Garden by Seb Powen Level 3 (1,710 points)
+1 vote
0 answers

I am a student in Singapore and I love this place just because of these beautiful gardens here. I am ... course? Can I get a degree certificate for it?

asked Jun 26 in Home+Garden by Myriam Nasheed
+2 votes
1 answer

Dear all I have a bed. but there are many bug in the bed. How do you kill bed bugs? I am a single. it is very harmful for me.

answered Jun 26 in Home+Garden by SmartAZ Level 2 (1,160 points)
+1 vote
1 answer

I am in search for a beautiful small house plan. Where can I get some modern home designs? Is ... that provides complete free to download 3D house plans?

answered Jun 10 in Small House Plans by Asamaoh Bentekya
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